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im just learning, and playing. i dont have many skills with figures and precision yet, mostly im playing with lines and color. Like the op, i am mostly doing landscapes and seascapes- and skyscapes. I could paint only water and sky forever, lol. But now i am working on an abstract. I found a tall narrow canvas and really just liked the dimensions (1 foot wide, 3 feet high). I stood it upright on the easel, and immediately a line presented itself to me. It is bold,...
Im an HSP, as is my ds. I was the only one in my family of origin. They continue to refer to me as having a "mental illness," although I most definitely do not. They just cannot understand that me being so incredibly different from them does not make me ill, lol. When I became a mother, I had this beautiful experience of being so in tune with my child that he never cried to be fed or changed, etc. I kept him a bassinet the first few weeks before I became confident...
1/26- lunch grilled cheese, tomato soup dinner not sure; I think we are going out 1/27- lunch BLTs (actually BSTs, as we use spinach instead of lettuce) dinner pork loin, rice, gravy, frozen veggie blend 1/28- lunch turkey sandwiches w sprouts and avocado dinner leftovers 1/29- lunch leftovers dinner black beans with ham and rice, cornbread 1/30- lunch blackbeans dinner roast chicken, new potatoes, broccoli 1/31-...
Thanks for the crock pot chicken recipe, becoming. I served this over noodles and DP and DS said this was like "chicken stroganoff." We all enjoyed it, especially as leftovers, when I added peas and served over toast. This was really yummy.
: good luck, mama, on your biz. I hope you get some replies cuz im with you on the question; I hope some sage mamas will input here!
thanks much, mamas! i appreciate your help today.
Hi, mamas, dp has a favorite pair of jeans he wants me to patch. He is a Virgo, and so very particular about things. The jeans are light; faded, stonewashed, whatever. The only iron on patches I have found are very dark denim and we feel like this is going to look stupid. He just suggested that I ask "the mamas" lol if there is a better way. He thought maybe I can cut a piece from another pair he won't wear and wonders if there is some sort of backing I could buy to...
hi, mama. i have made these in many sizes. just stuff a flannel rectangle any size with flax seeds and dried lavender flowers. u can pick both up at the hfc. i like to make a pillowcase so you can wash that. u can zap the pillow in the nuker for a minute or so and it works great for pain. also, i know, for sleep, some folks use buckwheat hulls and also, hops. these are harder for me to find, so i just use lavender and flax, works great around here. hth
Hi, mamas, I am thinking of joining usborne and I wonder what their monthly specials run like. The website states that normally there are 2 options, the starting kit at $199, and a monthly special, but that this month the special is 50% off of the start up kit. I want to invest less than $100 in this initially. Are there usually or sometimes offers for less (or much less) money to start up? Or is this a phenomenal, dont pass up special? thanks for your time, mamas.
hi, mamas. I wanted to sub this thread, thanks. I have to say, Betzi, I clicked your link-your quilts are amazing, incredible, beautiful, inspiring. girl, please make as many beautiful things as you can; I pray you are blessed to sell as many as you like. good luck to you mama, but I dont think you will need it!
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