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Have you checked with Gainesville Pet Rescue? I'm so sorry about C's condition. I had no idea. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help you guys out
Here, FWIW... We're a 'gesundheit' house here too.
Quote: Originally Posted by kmeyrick I haven't listened to the pod cast, but from the sound of it it sounds like it has some very valid points. However, I think that morals aren't always universal. Consider the controversies of polygamy and homosexuality, sex before marriage, etc. Also, we can all agree that stealing is wrong, but in some countries it wouldn't land you in jail and in others it would land you with a very brutal punishment. I've...
Quote: Originally Posted by mamabadger Is there a category of atheist who says, "I think there probably is a God, but I want nothing to do with Him"? That's a misconception about atheism. I've heard it before. I suspect it's rooted in confusion over the distinction between being anti-religion (as some, but not all, atheists are) and anti-god.
And then there are apatheists, who just don't give a damn
Quote: Originally Posted by goodcents could the same thing be going on with my cucumbers? tons of flowers but only 1 cuc so far. Yep, they're in the same family and are also monoecious. And you can hand pollinate them in the same fashion (though it's fiddly because the flower structures are considerably smaller). Squash blossoms are also edible, BTW. You can put them in a salad, batter and fry them... I've even heard of stuffing them.
Are they male flowers? My squash haven't made any female ones (these will have a clearly visible baby squash on the stem, below the flower) yet. The male blossoms don't produce fruit. If female blossoms are dropping off and the fruit isn't developing, you may want to make sure they're getting pollinated. You can do this by hand, with a male flower: strip off the petals and gently brush the stamen against the pistils of the females.
There are weak atheists, who merely lack belief in gods, and strong atheists, who assert that gods do not exist. Certainly, the former position is more supportable. Faith is rather easily explained as an artifact of our neurology IMO. Heck, we can even induce religious experiences.
I wouldn't want to buy books from an organization that pushes Intelligent Design anyways. I skimmed some of the 'After the Flood' one that's online and boy, it's a hoot! Geoffrey of Monmouth as a reliable source? And apparently Grendel (from Beowulf) was a dinosaur! I'm going to bookmark it, looks like entertaining reading
Quote: Originally Posted by StacyL That's an awfully big assumption to make considering each of the things you listed above (age of earth, no Flood, man evolved, living things evolved) are actually theories, not facts, as you stated. There are many highly educated scientists that offer evidence and theories that contradict all the theories you listed above. All of these things are theories in the same sense that gravity is a theory.
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