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I am making a Jedi robe for DH for Christmas but I'm stuck.  I am more of a craft sewer (made all the kids diapers but can't actually sew something with a pattern).  I found very simple instructions and made DS one easily but for DH's I'm going to need to add to or even sew the sleeves separately.  http://www.degraeve.com/jedirobe/  Is there a simple way to modify these instructions to make the sleeves since I can only find 45 inch fabric?   Thanks!
We are going to be camping in Arcadia at the end of August and will be celebrating DD's 6th birthday while we are up there.  Can anyone recommend a bakery or grocery store that makes yummy cakes near the park?  TIA! :)
I have given her smoothies and will continue to - thanks!  The discharge instructions were just to keep her hydrated and kind of let her decide.  They did suggest ice and popsicles but she refuses both.
My almost 6 yo DD went over the handle bars of her bike on Tuesday night.  She was going to fast down a hill and fell.  She lost a tooth that night and got stitches that night in the ER.  Today we took her to an oral surgeon and they removed 3 more of her teeth - they were pushed in and she could not close her jaw.  She is not eating and is barely drinking.  She is drinking gatorade and pediasure.  Neither of them are my favorite but I do not want her to get dehydrated...
  I was responding to the OP.  
I guess for me it's what 'kind' of nudity.  Is it someone walking through the house naked just because or is it someone walking from the bathroom to the bedroom after a shower naked?  Our bathroom is not attached to our bedroom so we (DH and I) often will walk naked from a shower to the bedroom - about 7 feet.  If the kids are around, they will see us naked.  If they are not around, they will not.  To this day as a grown adult, if I am in my parents room when one of them...
One more option that I do not think has been mentioned - can you ask around or do you know a mom who is struggling to make ends meet who would be willing to care for your DC?  I babysit for my neighbors - have for years. I care for them 8-5 m-f year round.  Because it was only my kids and them we were able to meet specific needs that I could not have met if I had more than one family to care for.  Just a thought - good luck!
We do not get mandatory summer work but I have my kids do one workbook all summer - Summer Bridge Activities and read.  They spend about 30-40 minutes 5 x/week for about 3/4 of the summer working on it.  It still allows plenty of time for play and such.  They also participate in our library's summer reading program.  It's not a great program but it does get them reading a bit more.
I ask the teacher what they want.  When my DS was in K his teacher would often mention that it got frustrating for her to go to the next door room to use that teacher's pencil sharpener.  So, I got together with a few moms and spent $50 on a great one that she is still using 3 years later.  In our district there is a limit on what gifts the teacher is allowed to accept so be sure that you do not go against that if it exists.
While some would say cold, I feel the same way.  I am an only child so none here.  DH has a sister who has a DS 6 mos younger than my DS.  She does not like me, I'll admit I am not a fan of hers and I am not a fan of how he is being raised.  Threatening to spank your 6 yo son at Thanksgiving because he's acting badly does not make me think nice things about you.  Also, DH's nephew is rude and mean to my kids.  I would not be surprised if he gets into some trouble at some...
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