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We homeschool as a way to keep family focused & centralized! Also of importance is freedom; the ability to cater to each child's individual needs & interests, the possibility to turn everything into a learning opportunity, the availability of road trips and vacations, the access to a variety of enrichment activities.   But really, the reasons are infinite!
My DD will be six when this baby is born but my DS and the new baby will only be 18/19 months apart.  I'm feeling very overwhelmed.  Especially because at ten months, my DS is still mostly nursing exclusively and I already feel torn about honoring his needs and yet creating a boundary for the future.  I'm also a little interested to see how the bedsharing will play out.
My DD was a hospital birth due to severe preeclampsia.  My DS was a very successful & wonderfully healing homebirth. I'm definitely planning another!!!!
Hello all! I'm completely stunned to be here!  My DD is 5.5 and my DS is 10 months. I have PCOS and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss syndrome, so I'm hoping for a sticky baby.  I have a good feeling about things this time around though.  :-)   While we were definitely wanting more kids, I was NOT expecting it to happen when my DS was so young still.  I completely admit to being overwhelmed and a bit nervous about having two under two. Congratulations to you all!  
This is what I'm intending to use in the fall! I think we'll start with Life though. Thanks for the recommendation.  :-D My DD is just turning five.  Do you think the curricula are too old for her? She reads at about a 2nd grade reading level and has an extreme interest in science. 
Any tips or fabulous tools to help her along?   I realize she might be too young but she's begging, so I feel I should oblige her interest.    
I've always intended to homeschool DD past preschool and just decided to enroll her in preschool for fun and the social experience. But we've had issue after issue with the school and I'll be pulling her after the winter break, in about three weeks.   My plan is to begin a loose HSing regimen at the point.    We have nearly all the read-alouds from Sonlight P3/4, P4/5 and K.  I just love the story options.   But I'd like to get one of the Instructor's...
Anders Christian sounds like Hans Christian Andersen to me.    What about Aksel? That's one of my choice for my little guy but DP isn't on that train! (We're having SUCH a hard time with a boy's name!)   I love Soren but not with Lukas because of the double s in a row.     
This is the type of curriculum that we were looking but I didn't have any luck finding. I was kind of inspired by Little Passports but I don't think it's thorough enough for a full year.   So, we're putting something together ourselves for next year.   I starting by creating an outline with Continents and countries for each continent.  Then, under each country, I'm creating a list of pertinent information I'd like to share, information I'd like to learn, books &...
I'm sorry you had to deal with a bit of bleeding.  I've heard that's very common in pregnancy because of all the excess blood in the cervix and how sensitive it is.   I decline pregnancy PAPs too.  My midwives are actually strongly against them in pregnancy because any treatment for an abnormal result can't be used until you are postpartum any how.
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