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To be honest we live on a farm, it is snowing and I don't live close to anyone so right now they don't get to socialize much, which is fine because my girls prefer to be at home. They are not socialites anyway. But at other times I take them to the park, museums, zoo and such and they interact there. I personally don't believe in structured settings where kids play together at particular times, it seems ridiculous to me. I also don't send my kids out to a daycare type...
Quote: Originally Posted by Marylizah I don't think I could be the mother I want to be to two children close in age. And as for both kids getting to be the baby, I disagree that they both get to be babies. One always has to wait while mama deals with the other one. There's only so much mama, and no matter how much you baby-wear or breastfeed, other interactions NEED to be one-on-one and some of that gets sacrificed when you have two very small...
See a doctor until they will give a referral. This does not sound very normal, I am shocked a doc will not give a referral if it is possibly neurological???
Quote: Originally Posted by Red_Lil_Mamma "Pizzas are delivered. Babies are birthed." That is awesome! I will have to remember that one!
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Never, ever, in a million years. I am way too paranoid about what might happen.
I NEVER use them. My girls have this thing with belts across their tummies. They FREAK! Plus, they are usually broken or in bad shape. The ONE time I used one I could NOT release it. I had to get a manager to help me. He had to cut it and by that time my DD was so upset she threw up from all the commotion. I keep a VERY close eye them in the store.
Mine are 16 months apart and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! I was not using birth control when I conceived DD2, but I was nursing full time, no period but I knew I could get pregnant. I found out on Thanksgiving Day but didn't tell DH until Christmas Eve with an ultrasound in the card He was so happy and we loved having them close together. The benefits are endless, they are playmates, use the same toys, do the same activities, are interested in the same things. The drawbacks:...
Quote: Originally Posted by Belle I think I've said it before. There need to be more OBs out there like your OB. Thanks
I JUST returned from our local gently used children's clothing store and asked the owner if this law was going to affect them and she assured me it was NOT going to affect them. She didn't have time to go into details but she even has a sign posted to alert customers about this. I was so relieved and she said she checked with "authorities" about it so she knows what she is talking about. WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Huh? Where I work (RN for an Ob) "term" is considered 37-42 weeks, it states it on patient information packet, right beside the "Do not ask for elective c-section. Our belief is not to interfere with nature's plan. We do not perform elective c-sections." I am still in awe of women who say "Oh yeah, my doc LET me go until I was 41 weeks .......and then he induced me "
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