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Ok, trying to get my pics to come up......stay tuned.......
Quote: Originally Posted by Belle My mom was present at dd1's birth. She had an aura of fear about her that was very contagious. I wasn't afraid at all until she showed up. Then I was in extreme pain. Yeah this! I wanted a natural childbirth and my mom said to me to my face "Oh my god do you know how badly this will hurt. You will think you are dying. You can actually pass out from the pain." I am not a panicky person, but she kept drilling...
Quote: Originally Posted by amandamcgrady I was pregnant at my 6 week postpartum checkup!!!!!!!!!!!!! (which was actually at about 8 weeks), I was so embarrassed and Upset that I didn't go back to the Doctor until I was over 6 months pregnant. I am sorry, but that first part just made me laugh out loud. I bet you could have fallen off the table!
After three hours of pushing my girl was posterior and my Ob asked if it was ok to try and turn her. I said ok and OUCH!!!!!!!!!! He backed out immediately. I gave birth to her about 10 minutes later
Can I ask a dumb question. There is a shop near my town that sells gently used kids clothing items (it is not Goodwill) so will they be out of business? I get 90 percent of my girls' clothing from there. The clothes are next to new and name brand too. Oh my gosh I think I am having an anxiety attack!
Quote: Originally Posted by Aubergine68 I had a big crush on Julian Mcmahon when he was on Another World well over a decade ago (dating myself AND Julian Mcmahon big time, here!) I'm over him though, he's all yours I'm in the line for James McAvoy -- probably the most popular man in this thread! WOO HOO! :
Absolutely! However I am glad my MIL and FIL were there though. They were very supportive and helpful. My mom was simply jealous because I was able to vaginally birth my daughter and she had to have sections due to placenta previa both times. LOONNNNG story....but my mom and I don't have any contact now.
Ohhh ONE more......since NIP/TUCK starts the new season tonight (any fans out there???????) I would take this guy in a heartbeat http://www.buddytv.com/articles/hot-...-mcmahon-2.jpg Can't wait for the new season tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NOOOOOOOOO! Never woke them up. If company wanted to see to them, they come over after they wake up Never, ever wake a sleeping baby
Quote: Originally Posted by bigeyes He can talk dirty to me anytime. (I believe I've stated this before) He's not movie idol handsome, but between the voice, the physique and the sense of humor, definitely hot. Yeah that is why I like him, because he is NOT movie idol handsome :
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