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Quote: Originally Posted by Breathless Wonder : I saw on a bumpersticker that Jesus saves by clipping coupons. Oh. My. Jesus! That is funny!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by kirstenb I love Mike Rowe too! I think he is so funny on Dirty Jobs. He is a hoot! I love the episode when he injects sperm into the turkeys and gets pooped on
Really? Do I still have Mike Rowe all to myself? : Woo hoo!!!!!
I had a 4th degree tear and I was able to DTD about 6 weeks PP. It didn't really hurt, but it was uncomfortable at first, but after a couple of minutes things felt back to normal if you know what I mean It is weird because after my second daughter I had a second degree tear and it seemed to hurt worse than the 4th degree so go figure that one out
Quote: Originally Posted by ShwarmaQueen Holy smokes! Could you please send your birth videos to the AGA to teach them about the amazing female pelvis?!! I'm surprised you didn't get thrown the CPD card! Yeah I am pretty proud of my pelvis Let me tell ya, they can be quite flexible when they need to be. I am lucky I have such a great doc. My first babe was posterior as well and after three hours of pushing the "c" word was never mentioned and I...
I also am an RN on the weekends in L&D and ANY patient has the possibility of exposing you to ANYTHING. Take your standard precautions and you will be fine. Good luck in clinicals.
I second going to LLL
Quote: Originally Posted by dogmom327 i've known quite a few people who had babies over 9 lbs. And none of them were diabetic. That's a bunch of bs. this!
I am 5'2" 95lbs pre-pregnancy and my husband is not a giant either. I vaginally birthed a 9lb 2oz girl and a 9lb 8 oz girl and I am NOT diabetic and I don't eat a lot of meat and I did not take prenatals either (I just could not find one that would not hurt my tummy) Sometimes it is just genetics.
Am I the only one who loves watching Dirty Jobs??????? http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b7...ike_rowe17.jpg He would be my second freebie
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