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Quote: Originally Posted by Susana mytwogirls-that's the actor who plays "James" in Twilight and his name is Cam Gigandet. You might want to go see the movie. He has a memorable scene with no shirt on. I want my freebie with Edward Cullen and since he's a fictional character I'll take Rob Pattinson who plays Edward but with his long hair and yes I feel slightly odd picking someone so *young* but WTH, right? Thanks for the tip!
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna Yeah, it's really nothing in the big picture- I get that- really. It's just the day to day right now that's wearing thin. -Angela And sometimes it gets so THIN you can see right through it
: for you and your little one. Please I hope everything is ok.
I noticed you are pilot. Maybe they think you are flying away and never coming back? (By the way being a pilot must be awesome! I bet you see some awesome views!)
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna Thanks for the commiseration. I often say- what if I was a nurse? And I was working those odd days that he's "off"? What then? If I had to be at work, then he got called in? Those thoughts are what I mean about them depending on SAHP. Hope you get some rest and relaxation soon! -Angela He has been called in while I was work and often times he takes them to his mom's house. But when she is gone,...
I have never read or seen any of the "Twilight" series EVER, but this guy is SO hot, I saw him on a cover of a magazine and thought "Freebie!" right away! http://img.atpictures.com/images2/ca...a_15756892.jpg
Quote: Originally Posted by A&A Honestly, the question is kind of insulting. You're asking me to imagine a world without men----therefore my dh and ds have evaporated---and I'm supposed to think about how I'd be dressed? Seriously? I think she meant it lighthearted, not seriously........
Quote: Originally Posted by TearyCloud I'm looking into PA as a career choice as soon as I finish my current degree in a health-related field--I hope this doesn't take it off target. How are PAs viewed by physician's? Are they respected? I can imagine that they may be looked down upon, but I don't know. Has anyone been through the program? I'd love to hear about it from someone who has btdt. I actually already have my PA position lined up....
I work weekends as a labor/delivery Rn-BSN and I am going to be going to school to be a Physician's Assistant this fall. I MUST keep my RN license current, it is the law.
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna I *am* working part time. Now I have an incredible set-up as I can take the kids with me and make my own hours... but still! So now I'm in charge of all child care AND working and so darn-it I NEED this vacation time too... too bad... mom gets crap. just in a mood. -Angela Bolding this because this was me over Christmas time. I stay at home during the week and Dh works full time. Then on the...
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