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For some STRANGE reason I have always wanted to just walk around in public naked....seriously. I would totally do it if I could get away with it, just once though.
Hmmmm our longhorn heifers have been restless but not really "screaming" lately. A couple years ago they did non stop and I could not sleep because of all the commotion but then just as soon as it started, it stopped. Never happened again. Good luck.
Yep I am a liar too White lies though..."Nice food, nice jacket and no those bright green running pants do not look bad on you." Yeah, I have gotten pretty good at it over the years.
Quote: Originally Posted by Suzannah She is not a show horse at all, but her butt was crusty (down the inside of her leg), and it couldn't have been comfortable (all stuck in the hairs). I was back there washing her tail and picking out her feet, so I figured I might as well take care of everything Ahhh I see. Wow, I guess I am lucky and have never had that problem. Eye boogers....now I have had those a lot recently. The vet said no sign of...
Quote: Originally Posted by mercy589 Very cool story mama! If you were still looking for a supplement you can take fenugreek 3 pills 3xs a day. It will make you smell like maple syrup but works. Hmmm then I may have my husband after me then : Thanks for tip! :
Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :
Quote: Originally Posted by DoulaSarah Dear Polite Offender, You don't know me. I am the woman that walked in with her five beautiful children. We met at a mutual friends house. I am the woman to whom you stared blankly, silently counting my kids...at which point you loudly and rudely exclaimed..."Are these all your kids? OH MY GOD!!!" You said this with a true look of horror on your face. My children witnessed this. Ms. Offender, at my house, and in...
Quote: Originally Posted by mommy68 I am wondering about this as well? Why would you think you need to be a queen? I don't quite get that mentality. Once you have children, whether they are boys or girls, they take a lot from us and we take a step down in order to cater to them. That's called being a parent. You said yourself in this paragraph that your 5 y o SD has been through a lot emotionally. I think that at 5 years old that a child is entitled to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Suzannah I just scrubbed my horse's butt because she can't stop pooping on herself, then braided and put up her tail (hopefully for the winter) because she can't stop peeing on it.: What are YOU doing today? I've got five horses and I can honestly say I have NEVER scrubbed their butts....should I? Are they show horses? Bet ya had fun doing that.
Wow that makes my 9.2 and 9.8 babies seem little
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