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Ok, fine if you all INSIST they are not babies anymore...haha! My youngest turned one July 1, and I am not happy about it. She is growing up and I am not liking it at all. I miss those nursing times, getting up in the night, watching her wriggle around ...she now walks. Anyway, it is good to be here and yeah, I guess she is a toddler. Oh my god....I just realized I have TWO toddlers...1 and 2 years old...oh help me please......
Nooooo....they are not toddlers, they are BABIES !!! Please don't tell me my youngest is a toddler, please, please, please. She is still a baby, she is still a baby...(can you tell I have a hard time admitting my baby is not a baby...)
Breakfast time at our house is tanking Those of you who don't know I am VERY picky about what my kids eat, meaning they have never, ever had fast food, no processed crap, candy, cookies, chocolate, and basically stuff that is not good for a two and one year old. We mainly do organic, but not ALL the time (we do eat meat too in case you were wondering.) Ok, that said, I need help with breakfast. I was giving them oatmeal (not the instant, but old-fashioned) with bananas...
It depends on the complaint. Generally no, but in that case, yes I would. For sure!
No advice here, just want you to know I am rooting for you!!!! I wish you the very best. I think algena might have nursed while pregnant, she is a VERY good person to talk to about nursing in general. You might want to PM her, she (along with TONS of other MDC moms) has great advice. This place is a great source of comfort, as well as knowledge. Wish you the best.
Dude, that would freak me out....seriously.
Quote: Originally Posted by Limabean1975 You've gotta be kidding! You're like, famous in my eyes. : Thanks, you are always a nice, familiar sight too
Quote: Originally Posted by Limabean1975 Everyone should look a leanbh's photos - she is freaking adorable! Yes, I have looked...like 100 times Soooooo cute! I love it. Jealous. Thanks guys, you how it is sometimes, you just feel like no one knows you...ok, well maybe not. Anyway, your photos are freaking adorable!
Our tradition is to blow out the candles on the exact moment of their birth. My DD1 was born 9:06 a.m. so she gets to blow it out then and DD2 was born at 5:12 p.m. so she gets to do it then. I know it might not work for those born in the middle of the night, but that is our tradition.
Quote: Originally Posted by iowaorganic around Carroll- basically in the sticks. Hey I know Carroll, Iowa. I have friends who live near there and relatives in Mt. Ayre, Kellerton, Shenandoah, and Creston. I travel Hwy 34 and Hwy 2 a LOT because we work cattle over there. Ok, I know I am boring you...sorry. Good luck with the babe. Keep us updated!
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