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Congrats! Our little ones share their birthday! I am so happy that she is a good little nurser but hopefully she'll give you a break soon Our little guy was 2 pounds heavier than Alena...crazy!
Congrats on your new little one. I am sorry that a c-section was necessary- I hope you are recovering well and little Valentine is nursing like a pro!
Congrats!! We are so happy for you Can't wait to see pictures!
Hurray fireflymama! I am so thrilled for you- we finally had our "late" babies. I am so glad yours went to easily and in the water too!
Dooney- your post made me laugh because I feel the same way. I have had a lot of people make comments to me after the birth of each of my kids about the ol' pacifier. Just because I am a home birther, people assume I would be totally against pacifiers. Well, I have sweet little 1 1/2 day old laying next to me. He is nursing wonderfully, my milk has already come in....and my breasts are heavy and hurt and my nipples are on fire- very near bleeding! (Latch is perfect- I...
Congrats!! I just had my third baby. My first was a boy as was this new little one. His birth keeps bringing back all of those wonderful memories from my first's son's birth. Just magical. Happy babymoon!
I am sorry that things aren't working out how you imagined them. I hope the birth goes wonderful and it is still a positive experience. Hugs to you and your family!
Hurray! Happy babymoon to your whole family.
This morning at 3:26 a.m. our baby boy arrived at home. We ended up not having a water birth but it was a good experience- very different than my first two births. I also decided last minute to let the kids sleep through the birth- they were thrilled to wake up to their little brother. We don't have a name yet and my after pains are killing me. He is a super sleepy baby! 8 pounds 11 ounces (my other kids were only 7.2 lbs & 7.11 lbs), 21 inches long and super chunky! ...
Another night of contractions that kept me up and made me get on my hands and knees! More bloody show this morning but nothing is becoming regular. It hurts more to lay down but I am so tired that I don't know what to do! My husband and kids are all napping right now and it is ME that needs the sleep. I am soooo frustrated! My other kids were born after this much bloody show for heavens sake! Sorry- just had to vent again. Thanks for reading!
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