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Hey, i just asked for opinions and help, not some of you jumping on the poor guy No i mean it you dont have to call him a tool and stuf, and i find this rude: Quote: Originally Posted by HelloKitty i feel bad for your son Sorry i know i came here for help but just that i think its mean and insulting, seriously: My Dh cooks and does "female stuff" around the house, i was actually bothered by the comment of the idea of getting DS a toy...
I'm 20, i was 18 when my so was born and he's 2 year old now. I'm the youngest in my friend's circle, so my friends are between the age of 30 to 55 really, mostly becuase of DH who's 40.
Entertain DS is my main job, then its cleaning the house, lunch everyday, cooking breakfast and dinner 4 times a week, laundry 4 times a week, everything 4 times a week. DH is encharge of the other 3 days, except the entertaining DS. oh yeah and grocery shoping every week.
Oh Thanks. He cooks and cleans around the house, though he doesn't want to the world to know(oops i think i just said it) Thanks mammas,forgive him, he's just a 40 year old guy raised into a very male and female stereotype thing, boys dress in blue and girls in pink, etc. Thanks for the advice and lmao to this: Quote: What if reading a website called "Mothering" makes him gay?
Just post, i'm making him read the thread. My DS love the toy kitchen set a friend has for her 2 year old son and 4year old girl, and i've been wanting go get him one soon before March, so i told DH if next week we can go and look for a toy kitchen and he said, no, becuase toy kitchen is for girls and buying him one wil be "gay". BTW, DS is 2.
Hello fellow mammas, im just ranting here and maybe in the need of some hugs... I *had* a very low self esteem, ever since i was very young, i really cared too much about people said or thought about me, when i get to the point of just doing things to please everybody around me, and specially my school classmates. Just becuase when i was 11, a group of girls started to bother me of how fat i was (and looking at pictures of me at that age, i wonder what its their meaning...
Fur, you know that movie with Nicole Kidman and Robert Downey "hottie" JR I just cried at the end, so sad Life is Beautiful.
Another RDJ lover Gotta love him in Fur despite all that hair!!1 I just love him, I can't wait for IronMan to come out... delicious
Not much here either. He wakes up early to exercise Saturday morning, that's all. He actually helps me around the house!!! aww my lovely DH I get my downtime on Sundays when my DH and my DS go out, and have a son - daddy time for 4 hours!! I love my me time, but jeez i miss my ds for those 4 hours, but those two deserve time together as DH works from 6 am to 7pm and basically he just arrives for dinner and 1 hour playtime with DS and then it's DS's time to go to bed at...
Robert Downey JR : oooo i jsut love him he's so sexy!!! I better stop drooling now My friends say he's old but ugh i just adore him... i also remind them if they call Robert old, they'll be calling my DH old so i shut them up... i totally understand the Hugh Laurie crush, he's darn sexy
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