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It says on the top of the WebMD page that its funded by Gerber. Why would a company that sells food for babies want you to your baby for the 2 years recomended by the WHO when they could be eating Gerber stuff at 4 months?
Its really good! One of the reasons I started my account up again was because I missed getting a new documentary every week! I'm such a nerd but its sooo fun
I rarely shave my legs. I do shave more often in the summer bc I wear shorts more often and I have gotten some weird looks at the gym, but still not every time I shower. And I never shave down there that would be so weird to me. I am an adult and I want to look like it
Ohhh sounds so good! I might try it out! I love love Virgil's Rootbeer I get it at Trader Joe's when I first tried it I didn't really like it but now I really want some!!!
My parents did foster care from when I was in 4th grade to 6th grade. They wanted to adopt a baby and didn't want to get into the cost of a private adoption or international, and my mom wanted to help kids in our town that had it really good parts (where we lived) and its *really* terrible parts (where my sister is from) Anyway I was in 4th grade when we got our first placement. We were very very excited. We were placed with 3 girls and we adopted one of them. I did...
Quote: Originally Posted by prescottchels If you don't know about this resource... The American Girl website has a section where you can pick hair, skin, eye color to match your child. From my white perspective they seem to have a good selection lol They're kinda spendy, but.... You get exactly what you want. Maybe a special holiday present from grandma/grandpa or something....? Anyway, just wanted you to know you're not limited to the selection at...
I just have another quick question too! Can you have pre natals with a midwife and tell them you are planning to uc? Or should it be a oops baby came so fast thing?
Just ignore what I have been saying. I still am having trouble getting my points across. I even have no idea what I am trying to say I just don't understand why it is better to not go to school and learn at home. and why its better to have a group you have created not just one that was created for you like ps and even some private schools. its probably just because that is all I know. I am using very poor examples and I am aware of that
Maybe what I was trying to say didn't come out right. The situation I was thinking of was when I was in high school a boy that I knew died. I didn't reallyknow him that well but I had a class with & he was a really great kid and I was of course like everyone very upset. Well that night (this wasnt that long ago so the internet and texts were involved) someone decided that everyone was going to wear a school shirt the next day to rememer the boy. Almost everyone did and it...
Maybe its because I live in town that is very proud of its excellent ps system (and has a right to be its awesome) The high school football program is really good and every fall there are blue and white ribbons tied everywhere for the team and stuff. This is not just for the high schoolers middle schools and elementry schools are just as proud. How do you foster a sense of community when you homeschool?? I am not attacking homeschool at all I think its a great thing...
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