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i am in tears!!! my lo is 7 months old--here's the background: born 8lbs 6 ounces. growing great-- by 3 months was 13lbs 12 ounces. by 6 months she had only gained 1 ounce- 13 lbs 13 oz...   weighed her again while at the dr's for my kids' check-ups. and she had LOTS 1 1/2 lbs in 1 month! --   that was 2 weeks ago.so I am sent home with formula samples that collected dirt. ---have tried everything to get supply up this week (not even sure I have a supply...
what is glutathione?! and do the 1TB blended with water like over the day or all at once 1x a day?   where would I even start to get Mercurius? panserbjorne- from what I explained would that be enough to mobilize the mercury or only if I went of fruit and stuff too at the same time?  I just don't want to treat something if I don't know. because would the "mercurius" mobilize more stuff at all?  
thank you for answering! if it were you and you were nursing...how much of each would you take and how often? and for an extrended amount of time? (like from here on out?!!)  how exactly would i take the clay?! it's powder and seems hard to actually "eat". the vit c I have is the big thing of NOW FOODS. thanks!
really?! nobody! can someone atleast direct me to some info? TIA
Hey guys! I just put 2 and 2 together and it's freaking me out.   before I got pregnant my amalgam filling chipped out a bit (probably swallowed some)- and then I got the filling all the way done and changed to the white kind (not to mercury safe removal protocal)- I planned to not get pregnant at least 18 months but ended up pregnant maybe 5 months later?!! hoped all would be well.   okay fast forward to now. my baby is 6 months old. I was feeling a little...
would grapefruit seed exstract work? I make homeade coconut yogurt and he gets that every couple days---should I give a certain amount every day? it like a TB enough?!
what if there isn't?! according to pharmacist and the dr before the only strain type of anti-biotics left is the one for urinary tract infections that does NOT kill strep. there is NOTHING else that kills strep?!! 
I feel so bad for my son (4 1/2 yo)- we found out he has perineal strep. it hurts him to go #2. everyday he cries and says, "oh no oh no" when it's time to go. poor kid!   a little background. he has had "staph" type dots behind one knee for about a year- we could never get rid of it totally. they come and go- sometimes they outbreak on his bum--about the same time he got a BRIGHT red ring around his bum and was crying to go to the bathroom. (just wanted to share...
anyone treated their own corn to make the flour tortillas (to make masa)- there's no way I will be able to aford it even if I did find Organic/Gluten free safe (not ground with gluten grains) Masa flour. I want/need to learn to make this all on my own from scratch. I do have a press :) 
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