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Since you do have a newborn, and probably not alot of time to cut up 2 or 3 dozen fleece liners (which work miricles!!!), then I suggest a few boxes of Gerber liners. You can pick them up at your local Babies R Us. They are called Gerber Diaper Liners. They wick away moisture and keep baby's bum as dry as sposies. We used these until DD was about 3 months old, then we moved on to fleece.
I'll miss you Shandelle! Merry Christmas!
Shandelle (mdc name todzwife) does it too! She does awsome work and has GREAT prices!
Quote: Originally Posted by jloveladycmc Mmmm...maybe she's updating it?! Go to http://www.knittedsandfitteds.com/allstores.php I think there is contact info for her there...or you could always PM her! I know she's made some for some other MDC mamas! Definately PM Shandelle. Her MDC name is todzwife . I bought a dozen prefitteds from her, and they are awsome! Shandelle is an excellent WAHM, very sweet! Plus, her prices ROCK!
I had really bad luck with the bummis pants. They are made of nylon and wicked REALLY BAD w/ my DD.
Yes, my newborn stash was 3 dozen infant prefolds from them. They are just as soft as the chinese, but I found a few differences. 1. They shurnk down about an inch shorter than CPFs, so mine where to small to quick 2. The center panel (8 layers) went over to the left about 2 extra inches. This made them harder to fold and bulker. 3. There shipping charges are OUTRAGEOUS!!!! I wish I had known about flat rate shipping at natural babies, because I would have saved about...
I started out with just prefolds and proraps. It was fine, until I tried something nice. No, I take that back; I got sick and tired of newborn poop blow outs! Poop never stayed in the prefolds, but the cover held it in. I was constantly washing covers and sick of all the mess. Finally I decided it was time for fitteds!!! :LOL But now that DD is 16 months, and we use fitteds/prefitteds full time I still feel very frugal. In my 16 months of diapering I have only spent $300....
Actually with hemp/fleece, the smooth side is the only side you can snappi. The jersey side is like t-shirt material and you can use a snappi with it. If you get fuzzy side out, you will limit yourself to pins.
You can pick up the Dappis at Babies R Us.
I have had my minishower about 8 or 9 months now. Recently one of the holes the water shoots out of is spraying in a different direction. It isn't a huge problem, but whenever I am spraying down a diaper my hand gets soaked because water is spraying over to the left instead of straight ahead. Is there anything that could be done? I have looked at it, and it doesn't seem to have anything in there that I can see. Should I email the WAHM I bought it from?????
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