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I have been able to try lots of things now, and I have found what I am really happy with. I also thought I needed 24 to 30 diapers, and this just isn't true. 18-20 diapers is all my pail and my washer can handle. Sure it's nice to have extras, and I do have extras , but I really am enjoying having a smaller stash! I recently put the extras into the emergency drawer so that my small stash is nice and organized. 6 Cloud 9 softies 8 prefitteds (made by shandelle ) 4...
I have 3 of the 4 snappis that I started diapering with. DD is almost 16 months now. They still look good, and are nice and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y.
Just found out "Seth" is my age in real life!!! Now I can legitimately drool all over my TV without feeling icky later And Julie is really pissing me off! I thought I hated her last season, this year is worse! I sooooo love this show!
We used to use HH trainers. Even stuffed with a regular PF, they are kinda bulky beause they are so POOFY. They worked well for us though, I maybe had 2 leaks in the 6+ months DS wet. We are dry at night now :
I have used both Diaperaps and the Motherease Airflow. Diaperaps does have the microscopic holes in the PUL to make it breathable. 1mm and 2mm PUL don't have this, they are not breathable. I believe the airflow is made with 2mm PUL, but the way the snaps are positioned on the sides, creating the vent it is a nice breathable cover. So it comes down to what do you like more, snaps or velcro? FWIW I really loved my diaperaps, I though my airflow was kinda borning. But we...
I should be there (since I am only 15 minutes away) and I know of another MDC momma that should be there too. I'll try to bring a mainstream friend that needs some granola in her life too.
how about prefolds and homemade wool covers? You could recycle sweaters to make wool wraps, pull on soakers and even longies! DD's entire winter wool stash is recycled sweater longes. You could convert your prefolds into fitteds. I love my prefitteds! You could even dye them at home w/ all the money you are saving over a new stash of fitteds. Dye them, stamp them, add some extra fabric to them! Prefolds can be fun.
If I had to do it all over again I would want 3 dozen kissaluvs and pull on dappi covers for the newborn stage. Kissaluvs have such a high resale value it's like diapering for free. Then I would have moved on to a 2 size system. Maybe 1 dozen Organic Absorib-it-alls and 1 dozen Prefitteds.
I found the diaper, it was in the hamper. I wash diapers tonight, so I hope it survives. The diaper was still VERY wet. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!
I cloud 9s! Also I am loving my organic absorb-it-alls. You can get them at www.nopins4baby.com w/ free shipping!
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