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I'm bad......... I have been through every nook and crany of my house today EXCEPT the laudry hamper. I would do it tomorrow - but I have plans OK, saturday evening and sunday I will wash all of our clothes. I have to find that diaper, or DH might have to, ahem, pay for a new one :LOL
Flushed? I never thought of that. If it got flushed, wouldn't we have had a clog by now? Maybe I should put on gloves and do the laundry. If I don't find that diaper by the time the hamper is empty, then it had to have gotten flushed. DH is very elusive about the entire situation. When I asked where the diaper was when I went to retrive it, and couldn't find it, his reply was "if it isn't in the bathroom, then I put it in the pail". :
Please post a pic! And yes, kissaluv 2s are some of the bulkiest diapers I have ever seen! LOL
DH lost one of our cloud 9 softies! I am so upset, our stash is small and simple. Plus it was one of the best fitting diapers! Urgh! And here is the really scary part. The last time I saw the diaper, it was soaking in the toilette! Eww somewhere there is a nasty soaking wet poopy diaper! My house is clean. The only place I can think is possibly in my very deep, very overloaded laundry hamper. And EWWWWW now I don't want to wash clothes because of what I could find!!!! ...
Actually Gabrielle didn't chase Mama Solice out of the house. John did (is that the boys name??). He was trying to get the camera from her, and she hit him and ran out the door.
How about 2 dozen infants, 2 dozen premiums, 2 snappis $88. Make your own butt sweaters, maybe $5 make your own fleece liners, maybe $5
Most of the time I can get them in the wash around 8pm. 2nd wash at 9, rinse at 10. In the morning, I throw them in the dryer, and try to have them all put away before DD wakes up. Sometimes I don't get them put up till 9 or 10 am though. I really like to have it all finsihed and put away before the morning diaper goes into the pail.
Are you using a snappi? Every time I use a snappi I feel the same way. :LOL Pins don't seem to have the same effect.
Frances, I say that because sometimes I just dont' want to bother with the diva cup. It's easy, but I'm lazy!!! Thanks Monica. I can't wait to try some of the new stuff on Shandelle's site. I keep dreaming of velour mama pads
Here is her website http://www.funnyfarmcreations.fourlittleducks.com/ Or you can PM here here. Her MDC name is todzwife
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