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I think the only diaper to ever let me know was pockets and prefolds. The pockets where my fault for not stuffing correctly, or stuffing moving around. And well, prefolds just SUCK on newborns IMNSHO! I would never ever never ever never ever never ever diaper a newborn in prefolds again! BF poo just doesn't stay inside prefolds, pinned or snappied! Did I get my point across?
Quote: Originally Posted by campingmumma Give Shandelle "todzwife" a shout Shandelle just made me a dozen and they are awsome!
Has anyone tried her momma pads? I would love a set. Sometimes i am just not in a "diva" mood
Quote: Originally Posted by Leilalu koolaid bleeding isn't permanent Also, I have heard that if you boil it in vinegar it stops the bleeding...something like that.I need to find out and do that to a few of my covers that tend to bleed a little if it is true. I would be terrified to boil a wool cover. I have heard of someone using their crock pot though. I wanted to add that I was able to remove the dingy look out of some of my...
Kool-Aid does bleed, and it comes right out in the washer too!
Virg, aww, thanks! Christina, yes Shandelle is such a sweetie to work with! It makes the entire transaction so easy and fun!
I am loving our new fluff! Shandelle (todzwife) made my DD 12 pre-fitteds. They fit so well, are so trim and easy to use that even DH likes them! DH never likes diapers! I am loving the snappi I cut the 3rd leg off too for these diapers! Shandelle did an excellent job! I love her diapers, and her wipes too! If you haven't had a chance to get some of her stuff, here is your chance because she just opened a NEW STORE!!!! . She is a part of knitteds and fitteds !! Here are...
I agree w/ Sherri. We use Crystals Cloth hemp fitteds for nights. Plus Crystal can make your fitteds totally fleece lined. I put wool longies over it, and we have a dry bed every night. DD used to be a very heavy wetter at night, so I would put a thick doubler between the fitted shell and the snap in soaker. Good luck
DSQ means diaper service quality. Chinese prefolds are also DSQs. I have had both, and there wasn't really a difference. I would by the chinese if since they are cheaper. ETA: except i didn't like the euro prefolds. I didn't think they where as soft, and they take about 6 months just to quilt up and look fluffy.
The first diapers I bought where Kushies AIOs, infant PFs and proraps. Now I use Prefitteds (thank you Shandelle!!!), cloud 9 sofites and homemade recyleced wool longies I have been cloth diapering since DD was born 15 months ago
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