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I can let DD sleep in a Crystals Cloth or a Calico Baby fitted coverless. The soaker will be nice and wet, and the rest of the diaper will be dry.
Here are a couple of choices. www.motherofeden.com check the overnight undies, these go to size 10/12.0 www.happyheiny.com has pocket trainers that go up too 60 lbs. www.drymids.com has things for older children as well.
Bree's son was driving drunk and he mulled over Gabrielle's MIL. She is supposed to be on the brink of death or something.
I agree, Gabrielle is becoming too desperate. The boy obviously wants to leave/seperate himself from the situation and she won't let him. Out of the disaster w/ Mama Soliz hopefully she will reconnect with her husband and they will be better for it. It is awful that Bree and her husband are covering up what their son did. Prior to this episode Bree was my favorite character. Not anymore! Susan is just TOO TOO desperate. I can't stand it. My annoyance level is low,...
Thanks for the info Carrie. I had a couple of sugarpeas side snaps and they looked perfect to me. I never had any problems w/ the serging, or sizing consistancy. I liked them very much, aside from I am hemp washing impared. Hopefully in the future I can try the organic cotton diapers.
Oh, I the light poly nikkys! Those are awsome covers. But then run small. Soooo trim though!
forgot to add that I bathe my kids every other day w/ 2 tbsps of apricot oil, no soap, lots of scrubbing. And if their skin looks dry I lather them in euccerin.
I am proud to say I have my kids eczema under control 95% of the time. I keep DD in soakers all summer, if she wasn't coverless. And now she is in longies (recycled sweater longies) full time.
I had this same problem. Even with fleece liners DD just was very uncomfortable in her PFs in the beginning. I used Gerber stay dry liners. These are awsome! I bought them at babies r us. They are about $3 a box. We used them until DD was about 4 months. At that time she transitioned to fleece liners.
me either.........
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