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I just got a toddler size absorbitall. These are nice diapers, I just wish they had hidden snaps. DD doesn't seem to mind, I am just a worry wort.
if you are on a budget, and going to be using flats, I would sugguest dappi diaper pants for the newborn stage. That way you don't have to worry about the poo blowouts and handwashing wool. These are nylon covers that wash up great, are cheap ($4 for a 2 pack) and dry quickly. I would wait till my baby is on solids to start wool, unless I was using fitteds.
Kim, I swallowed my pride too. I'm back.... I just didn't make a formal post about it :
I have only tried 2 kinds. Gerbers, which are NOT flushable, but are nice and soft, and keep baby's bum dry. And another brand that I got off the TP. I have no idea who the maker is, but they are flushable. However, the flusable liners don't keep their bums dry, and are soooo hard and scratchy that I haven't even used them. My suggestion would be to get a minishower. You will never run out, and they make clean up MUCH easier.
My DD is a light wetter. We bought regulars because they are slightly less bulky, and I believe they are slightly smaller too. I know I don't need huge diapers, so they where perfect for me. Perfect until I realized that I only wanted fitteds and was SICK AND TIRED of folding diapers
I love 6x8. It is the perfect size to make sure my hand is "safe" and it gets the job done. It also fits perfect into my wipes warmer.
I ordered 2 ecobaby absorb-it-alls from Dina. She sent me a very friendly email that same day saying they would ship the next day. I recieved the diapers 3 days later. Dina has excellent service, and with free shipping, I will definately be back for more!
Quote: Originally Posted by CarrieBeary77 AAUUUUGGGHHHH!!!! It's BACK!!! My life can continue now.... : Thank goodness! Fox took way to long to get this show started again! And I am loving North Shore right afterwards.
1) what's the max you'll spend on a single diaper? Once it was $17, now it is about $14ppd 2) on average, how much do you pay for a single diaper? On average, gosh, $8? 3) how much do you think you've spent TOTAL? (just covers and diapers, not accessories, wipes, etc) About $350, I do alot of selling before I get anything new. 4) do you think you've saved $ CD'g over using sposies? if so, how much? OH YES! I spent over $1600 on sposies for my son. I...
I think Lullybye fitteds are very absorbant. But for cotton fitteds, I my Cloud 9s!
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