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too bad I have common sense, ortherwise I'd be abusing the credit cards right now
I just ordered 2 organic absorb-it-all diapers from nopins4baby.com I have really been wanting to try them out. They remind me of the cloud 9s, they look so soft. I wish I had some more paypal! Opps, I was saving that paypal for something! Too late, gotta sell more stuff now :LOL
I don't understand that man! I just yelled at him for cleaning a stain out of the floor w/ one of DDs prefolds. Then I log off my job, come downstairs to find him POLISHING HIS BOOTS W/ A PREFOLD HE CUT UP INTO STRIPS!!!!! WTF??!!!!! So I need to replace a couple of diapers! It is an emergency!!! Must find something side snap, trim, NON HEMP. I really like my cloud 9s, but they are mediums w/ a longer wing. Any suggestions????
I just have to say that Bree is my FAVORITE character! I would love to be so "Martha". She totally has it together, and her family is totally unappricative. Susan is getting on my nerves. She is too ditzy fo me. Busy mom is great, but I never want to be that busy! You know lots of shows have "dropped" kids in the past, but I really liked that she had 4 kids so young. Ahh, and Gabrielle. What can I say other than she is a total slut. She is desperately holding on the...
wow, this thread is a year old, my stash has REALLY changed since then!
I would avoid the Kushies. They just aren't that absorbant. Have you been to www.thebabymarketplace.com ? They are a Canadian company. I would try several different diapers before I just bought 2 dozen of 1 kind.
I used to use Gerber pins. Until on of the cheap plastic heads CRACKED in the middle of a diaper change stabbing the hell out of my finger I kept thinking "what if it cracked in the middle of the night while DD was sleeping?" I would pass on any plastic headed pins.
Quote: Originally Posted by MilkfaceMama Like any product that becomes wildly successful, there are starting to be some Kozy knock-offs out there but the Kozy remains the best of them Can you tell I feel the Kozy love? : Isn't the Kozy a knock off of The ASIAN baby carrier? Or to be nice "an inspired ABC"? I think anytime a WAHM is successful in making a product is wonderful. Different people put different touches on their products....
Oppps. I should add that DD has been naking around the clock and I am going nuts and can't think straight. Also wanted to add that i found what I was looking for
Puuuuulllllllease! Point me in the direction of some non-hemp large cloud 9s! I need side snap too! I almost dont' care about the print at this point! SPAM ME! IF YOU HAVE THEM SPAM ME!!!
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