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Do hemp flats generally come in 1 or 2 layers? Would a hemp flat be absorbant enough for over night? Can you still get build up on hemp flats, or would this be impossible since it may be only 1 layer (or 2?)?? I am thinking about trying a hemp flat for nights. Though I have no idea how to fold a flat, I would "try" to make it like a PF, and just use it from there.
Please update us as soon as you know anything! I think the easier route would be calling FBs because they shipped it through fed ex. I would also call the local fed ex office to find out who the delievery person was and report it to their supervisor.
Shelly, your DDDC is killing me :LOL :LOL
Lo, don't give up! You are stronger than this struggle (I have to reassure myself too). Apparently I have packed on about 4 lbs myself???? I don't know what is going on. But I have got to start walking. Apparently eating well just isnt' enough. What is your daily calorie intake? Are you breastfeeding? Is AF on the way?? Stay strong sister!
I agree, I would the mama cloth or a cycle or 2. I my diva cup, but once I hit my cervix trying to get it in. The result was charly horse pains shooting thru my my body especially around my cervix for about 2 or 3 days. That said, I have had my diva cup for almost about 9 months that that was the only bad thing about it.
Yes, like GMAR. I am trying to find different styles, prints and colors! I know of GMAR and Pipsqueak. Anyone else?
How sweet!
All of DDs longies are made from recycled sweaters. I use the sleeves to make 1 pair, and I cut a second pair out of the body. This way now I have 2 of the same pair to rotate during the day. It's sick, but I have to match For the few pairs that I don't have 2 of I am going to make a 2nd layer thru the crotch, so that the pants are more absorbant and I can use them all day. OR even better, at night too.
Who makes them? Who has them instock? Who does customs? If you make them, feel free to PM me
Maybe it's just me. But I can't even wear an acrylic sweater or shirt. Everytime I do, I am drinched in sweat. No way I could put it on my baby. DD sweats in PUL, I sweat in acrylic. Maybe we are just a couple of hotties
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