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I never had much problem w/ serged dipes but velcro deffinately shredded all of my FOE. But IMHO I think FOE doesn't hold up well. Even after I got rid of all the velcro the FOE continuted to get fuzzier and fuzzier. :
Had I known about cloth before having baby #1 I would have bought a 2 size fitted system and lots of wool. Right now baby #2 is beind debated whether or not she is the last, so I can't go buying tons of stuff. I want more, but my DH changes his mind every month.
I didn't have any kissaluvs size 0s. I used infant PFs from the start. Next time I will have a combo of premmie prefolds and kissaluvs. Fitteds are just easier, and newborns tend to scream alot at diaper changes. I was new to cloth and it totally shot my nerves having to snappi a PF and velcro on a cover while DD screamed at the top of her lungs.
TB ?:
No experience here. We didn't get any ME OS till dd was 7 months. But I know Darshani used them on a 7 lb newborn. And I do know that proraps WON'T fit over ME OS. These dipes a have a wide seat. But IMHO I don't think proraps fit well over PFs either. :
OT: We've been up since 6 am : What happened w/ the sewing machine?
The day my minishower arrived DD pooped 2x before the mail-lady came. : Good for you getting back to cloth
What should you really be doing while you surf the diaper board? Right now I am actually working. I work from home and the database is slow, so while I have customers on hold I read post :LOL But most of the time I should be doing laundry or something...
To cute! I wish my serger could handle that much fabric, I would jazz up all my PFs!
The thighs are perfect! Taylor does have some CHUNKY MONKEY thighs, lol! This was my first custom job, and now I am hooked! I sure hope DH gets a better job soon, I need more custom soakers. :LOL Why am I not in the bed yet? *sigh*
New Posts  All Forums: