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Quote: Originally Posted by maxymum welcome from another colorado mom. crazy story! Where in Co are you? I'm just NE of Brighton.
G was born 1 min before C & E was born 30sec after C via emergency c/s. I always say the Dr was so quick that if he hadn't paused to check out & comment on G's "impressive" cord knot they'd all share a minute.
My girlies grew in the 30-40% of singletons up to 28w & at 28w they were about 2lbs a piece, at 31w babies A & C had not grown since 28w & were born at 2lb 2oz & 2lbs 8oz. The u/s measurments are only as good as the tech taking them (my u/s tech was off by less than 4oz on each kid 1 day before delivery). A lot of Dr's are uncomfortable with doing vaginal birth with multiples & will automatically opt for a c-section because it's "safer" FOR THE DR. I was told at 8w I...
Quote: Originally Posted by earcher Good to see you here Hey I know you! How are you doing?? Don't see you much on pg.org but I always wonder how you & the girlies are doing.
I'd be furious too. Actually I'd probably insist that if it was really about a 'good deal' that she sell it & use the profits to buy a wooden kitchen (since she got it for $50 she could easily sell it on craigslist for $200 & buy a darn decent wooden one for that).
Hi, newbie. I live in Lochbuie (NE of Brighton). I'm a SAHM to my 3 little girlies who are 2.
My girls just turned 2 & drink 24oz of milk & 12oz of juice &/or water a day. (breaks down to 3 8oz servings of milk & 2 6oz of juice/water)
Well I've never tried to potty train a puppy & care for kiddo's at the same time but I housetrained both my dogs in apts while working full time (meaning they had a long time to hold it &/or make a mess in the house). It doesn't take much really to housetrain a dog if you're committed to doing it.
Yeah u/s is pretty much the only sure fire way early on. Beta #'s can be an indicator but they overlap so much between singletons & multiples that it's not acurate at all really. I had no clue I was carrying multiples before my 1st u/s though my best friend joked about it after seeing my HPT (my positive line was darker than my control line, but then again I had 4 at the time). I was incredibly sensitive to smells & was in full blown maternity clothes by 12w (1st pg &...
Hello! I'm new here & thought I'd introduce myself since I have a tendancy to jump right in & ya'll probably will want to know who that crazy woman is lol. I'm Jessica (29), SAHM to spontaneous fraternal triplet girls, Gabrielle, Caroline & Elizabeth who just turned 2 last week. My girlies are what happens when Dr's tell two supremely stubborn people like DH & myself that we cannot have kids. After doing blood tests to check my hormone levels (after 6mo of TTC &...
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