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I haven't even thought of a birthday theme yet, lol! I'm trying to think of what he likes...he's into Spongebob (which makes no sense to us, since he never watches it. I guess he likes the bright color and goofy face?). Or Thomas the Tank Engine... I guess I need to start thinking! We did Care Bears last year, and that was more for me, since that's our nursery theme.
I got rid of 8 more things via freecycle this morning! That makes 74 left! This feels good!
The weather's weird here, too. We haven't even needed our heat turned on the past two days/nights! Sydnee, I love your hair! I chopped mine off last week - just to shoulder length, though. I was afraid to take the complete plunge, lol!
Not weird at all - breastmilk is best, after all! ((hugs)) to all the Mommies of early weaners!
My Mom gets my hair done for me every birthday, lol! She gets so upset that I don't keep it up otherwise. Yay for pampering!
That's scary stuff! Hmm...maybe I'll go ahead and do the ceiling fixtures, though. At least I know it won't cause a need for a toxic-waste swat team to swoop in! Thanks!
I do some of these things, and some of them are things I want to do. I'm a little overwhelmed, so I'm just marking my spot so I can keep up and get some ideas for a few days!
Thank you...that's shorter than "Marking my spot," lol!
I just dumped about 16 user manuals for stuff we haven't owned for years! LMAO! Should I count them individually? That would be 82 left!
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