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Creepy, Amy! I do think kids are much more sensitive to that stuff than adults are. Because of the sheer oogy factor, though - let's hope she heard the word somewhere else and was just being silly!
What does "subbing" mean? I've only seen it on threads here, lol!
This thread moves FAST! Yes, we have WIC - we're automatically eligible because Dom's on the state insurance.
Haven't used them. I've gotten the impression that they're geared towards larger investers these days. I'd think you could just call and ask. I do LOVE his books, etc.
I've never had this problem at Target - if anything, they bend over backwards with customer service. I guess I've got a good store! I watch while things are being rung up, though. I remember every price of everything I'm buying (even at the grocery)...and I pounce if it rings up wrong. And I refuse to leave the register until it's corrected. I'm not standing in another line for THEIR mistake.
I agree with bulking up the meat with beans. Here's an example: Slice up boneless chicken into strips and sweet potatoes into chunks. Toss with cumin, red or black pepper, and salt. Spread into a baking dish. Bake until sweet potatoes are soft and chicken is cooked through. Dish onto a plate, top with black beans and a dollop of sour cream. It's delicious, and you can skimp on the chicken in this - the beans are very filling, and the sweet potatoes give it an...
The crappy part is when your creditor sells your account to a different collection agency, who never sends you anything in writing. And, if they're dishonest/slimy, they make all sorts of illegal threats, then refuse to give you their fricking name or address when you ask for it. No way to send letters in these cases...can you tell I'm hostile?
We get them...$110/month. That's based on my hubby's job that he no longer has. I go in on 1/15 to renew, and we'll get more than $400, since he's currently unemployed.
Quote: Originally Posted by CatsCradle I know that many people consider student loans a liability, but if it can put you in a better position than you were in before, it certainly pays off. In our case, it certainly did. Which is exactly why somebody should have stopped me from financing my English degree, lol! I owe around $45,000. I'm able to get a credit on all of the interest, based on our income taxes...so I'm in no real hurry to pay...
I've found that extended repayment works better for me. Depending on your lender (mine are through direct loan), you might be able to go to their website and find a chart with your account info plugged into it.
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