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((hugs)). I'm sorry.
I have PCOS, too...a healthy carb diet can make a huge difference. So can regular exercise (to lower insulin levels that cause PCOS symptoms). Check out soulcysters - the link you were given above. There are other PCOS sites, but that's the best one for newbies!
I'm new. Hubby and I have always been lower to lower-middle class. Then I had Dom, and we decided I'd be a SAHM, no matter the cost, no matter the grief from my family (because I'm "wasting" my education), no matter what. I am so blessed to be able to do this. We struggle. My hubby's been out of work since the week before Thanksgiving, and my Mom's been paying our rent, and it's still late every month. The car payment hasn't been paid since November and credit...
May another May '06 Mommy join you? Dom was born May 3, 2006. He teaches me something new about myself everyday - usually that I need to count my blessings (yes, I need to relearn it periodically!). We try to follow a TF diet, we BF until he weaned himself two months ago, and we coslept until just after he turned one (that's when we moved from a King bed down to a Queen and there just wasn't room!). He talks too much, but he's been on target with every other...
I brag. Usually, the person looks shocked that I was able to find something so "nice" used. I even give them directions to the thrift stores I visit!
Just found you! I try to do my part with green living, but we live in a very poorly insulated apartment with no balcony/yard. We are able to walk to the local grocery, and we usually bus to a larger grocery biweekly. We only drive to the store once every few months, when we're loading up on heavy stuff. Two thoughts...as I said, our apartment is poorly insulated. And the central heat sucks - the bedrooms are constantly freezing while the living/dining area is...
22 things left today (Yippee!). I've got 98 to go.
Rynna, I certainly didn't mean to push any buttons, lol! I didn't mean that letting him "just be a kid" meant that kids in "gifted" programs aren't being allowed to be kids. Is that what you meant? And I guess this also ties into Roar's comment...but I figured gifted kids were in gifted programs? I'm still trying to get my brain wrapped around homeschooling in general - how is it different with a gifted child?
Sorry, Erika...I just mean I do my regular old free blog. That's the only use I've ever FOUND for an English degree!
You know....I've always assumed it was "fighters". Looking it up now! Yep...like "fighters."
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