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Grass fed is definitely better. I agree with trying to get a coop going. One person could pick up all of the milk, then distribute it. Or, if there's enough interest, the farmer might deliver.
I wouldn't send them to school, either.
Welcome! I'm new here, too!
Welcome! I'm a newbie, too!
We no-poo, too! Every now and then, I'll put a natural conditioner on my son's hair and lightly rub it into his scalp. Other than that, it's all water.
Hi! I'm new, too.
Welcome! I'm new, too.
Welcome! I'm new, too.
((Rosemary)). I'm so, so sorry.
OMG! What incredibly rude, heartless morons! I would have been livid. Way for your little guy to process it all, though! YAY, Ivy!
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