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Welcome! I'm new, too. These ladies are great!
Hello! I'm new, too!
I haven't read the other responses, but here's my thinking on the idea. When Rivi died, we were given a memorial box. In it was a hand-crocheted blanket and various other things (a candle, a little prayer card, etc.). We wrapped him in the blanket while we were spending time with him after he passed. I later made a nice memorial box of our own, decorated with little things that reminded me of our pregnancy. That blanket sits right on top of everything else in the...
Welcome! I hope you get your '08 miracle soon!
Welcome! I'm new, too, and I feel so welcome here already!
Welcome! I'm new, too...this place is addictive!
My son coslept with us until his first birthday. Eventually, he started to show signs of being "okay" off by himself - he'd nap in his crib perfectly. One night, I put him in his crib and he rolled over and nodded right off. I think you'll know when it's the right time for YOUR family to put your DD in her own bed. At least you can now tell your Mom you gave her way a try and it didn't work!
Thanks for sharing your daughter's story, Christa. The more I look into this, the more I'm thinking we'll need to homeschool. That's not a problem - but it will be a LOT of work!
Thanks for bumping this so I could read it! What a wonderful response from your pastor!!!
Thank you, everyone. I have actually felt guilty over it - everyone ELSE seems to be able to do extended BF. I've wondered whether I did something to lead him to pull away from it. No idea, TBH, but I feel better after some hugs!
New Posts  All Forums: