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I'd love to have a regular column, but I have no idea how to start with it. In the meantime, I use my English degree online only!
I'm http://kicking-n-screaming.blogspot.com/
I'm guilty! I declutter everyone. I even sometimes steamroll them by saying, "you know, if you cleared this area like this...."
Thank you! I just put this on hold at the library.
We keep all of our clothes in one spot...we each have one closet, then there's the coat closet. Nothing gets stored, and we get all four seasons here. I guess I just don't see the point in having more than we can wear/wash in a few weeks' time.
I'd post a Wanted on freecycle and craigslist. If you say it's for a single mom with no furniture, you'll get offers.
I fill my decluttered space with new clutter. It's a gift.
Ooh - I'm in! I've been an ebaying/freecycling/donating fool the past few weeks! Since we're doing January only, I've already gotten rid of about 60 things (I sold my video collection on Ebay, lol!)....lets figure on 120 for the month?
Random thoughts....Means is an old AIM member trying to revive the movement. He's been trying to do so since the 70s. The movement did some great stuff (my Dad was a member! not Lakotah, but Potawatomi), and in many ways I wish they'd stuck together in a more formal way for a longer period of time. (ETA: No member of the Lakotah government is quoted in the article). But the Lakotah, like every other Native Nation, signed treaties with the U.S. Government that...
He'll get one dose, probably around age 3, then a titer check a year later followed by another dose if necessary.
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