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I have a lazy eye that doesn't stray, and I sometimes have trouble seeing from it. It's not that I totally can't see - it's just that it's momentarily so blurry/wonky that it's like I'm looking through lead glass for a few moments. I hope it's something this simple that your son's experiencing!
I call them boobs, my hubby calls them breasts.
My little guy jumped straight to solids and cups once they were introduced. From that point on, BF was never the same. He gradually started reducing the number of BF sessions each day...then he shortened the length of them... Before I knew it, he was done. At 17 months, he cut himself down to just a quick suckle before bed (and by QUICK, I mean just one or two sucks on my boobs). At just over 18 months, he stopped. One day, he just didn't want it. Then the next...
Yay! I've already met a fellow newbie, a neighbor, an old friend, AND a pro to show me the ropes. Not bad for my first post!
Bird girl, I'd never heard of visual-spatial thinker until right now...I just looked it up, and it is SO my husband! Thank you! And thanks to you other ladies, too!
Okay...yes, I'm bumping a five-month-old thread. I'm pathetic. But I'm very curious to hear whether you ever heard from the pastor. And I wanted to say that I confess to occasionally giving my 20-month-old a tap on the hand when he keeps defiantly reaching for something...sometimes, after ten timeouts for the same transgression, it's hard to think of anything else to try! I was raised in an abusive environment, and I've prided myself on "only" tapping his...
I agree with CalebsMome. I wouldn't reuse the nipples, either.
If they're able to lift their heads, I wouldn't worry about it. THEY (the royal THEY who know everything about parenting) also say cosleeping is bad, but I've never heard a first-hand account of it killing a baby.
I've been considered gifted my entire life, but there was no way to push me ahead of my grade level at the time. Instead, I ended up bored beyond belief and slacking off more than I should have. Once I finally decided to attend college, I was able to work ahead and converse with others more "at my level," and I did great. My husband, on the other hand, was never considered gifted, although, IMO, he's much more so than I am. He went to incredibly crappy schools his...
From about 4-5 months, Dom was saying a few words. By the time he was 9 months or so, there were five words that he could say VERY clearly - Mama, Dada, Nana, cat, and booby. Now I've lost count....we were well over 50 words at 16 months, and he seems to add new "vocabulary lists" everyday.
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