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We remember Jordan and NM every year at this time as well. RIP Jordan NM
I freeze herbs in a small bag or container - keeps them fresher, longer, I'd cut it up into the various parts and freeze each separately. I found this recipe for pork - looks yummy! http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Roasted...ns/Detail.aspx
Thanks! I knew IL was homeschooling friendly - looks like it's also fairly easy to pull out a student as well. - Just two letters to the school & you're set! I knew about deschooling, so I explained that a period of that would be essential for a while - how do you ensure that he wouldn't just sit around playing video games all day long? I'm excited for her to begin this journey w/her son.
My bf is looking to pull her son out of school. (He is being punished following guidelines for completely innocuous behavior that other kids are using as "proof" he's smoking pot and planning a school shooting - he is doing/planning neither) So - in the court of public opinion my bf's son is guilty and school officials have given him an out-of-school suspension for 10 days. She doesn't want to send him back to school to deal w/all the social crap that other kids will...
Congratulations on the birth of your perfect litle boy!
I hired a "green" cleaner to clean before Christmas almost 3 years ago & it was $125 for 2 people. Then I hired them again before ds1's birthday party 2 years ago & it was $90 for 1 person. It was a kitchen, bathroom, family room & open entry/living/dining room that I had cleaned. Haven't hired them since because of the owner not getting back to me & funds haven't allowed it - but boy was it nice!
Haven't read the Don't Panic book, but have been reading up on OAMC. (Once A Month Cooking) This week I fed the freezer; White Chicken Chili Chicken n Dumplings (Thanks for the recipe Amy!) Taco Meat - Ground Beef
Well it was a success! I'm not a big milk drinker, but it was ok, I'll drink it again. Dh wouldn't touch it The boys each had two glasses and then never drink anything other than water.
Yesterday dh picked up our first half-gallon of raw milk. The boys have recently stopped eating anything that we didn't grow ourselves (I only have tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers & watermelon so not too much variety) so I want them to get the calcium from it in addition to all the other benefits. How do you use it? And what do you think is the most nutritional bang for your buck use? I'm not explaining myself well - I mean is it better as yogurt or cheese for you? Or...
Healing thoughts being sent your way
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