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I'm so sorry for your loss DID. I lost my Grandpa to Alzheimer's 5 years ago this Thanksgiving. It is really hard because even though you know it's coming and you grieve a little each time you visit or each time you think of them, when they finally pass, it hurts just as much. and for your Grandpa Harry
Just wanted to add - a lot of people will act as though you are doing your child a grave disservice by keeping your babe rearfacing longer than a year. My inlaws had something to say about it literally every time we spoke w/them (in person or on the phone) for about 6 months until dh told them, "look, that's fine that you didn't know any better, but we do and we're keeping him rearfacing as long as we possibly can." Sounds a little harsh, but it finally made them be...
FF is dangerous for a child that age. It has less to do with their size, than with their physical development. When you buy your dd her carseat for her birthday, please consider getting one that lets her rear face as long as is possible. Britax (what we use) Marathons go up to 33 pounds rearfacing. I'm sure there are other, less pricey, options out there as well. Hmmm, google isn't working for me atm, so I can't link you to a video on why rf is so much safer, I'll...
Happy Birthday GWH!!! Here's to no big messes and lots of kisses today! :
Saw your post on New Posts and wanted to respond. If you ever have questions throughout your pregnancy, you should contact your midwife. Regarding your bowel issues, are you eating enough fiber? Is this a new issue for you, or just since becoming pregnant? Are you drinking enough water? Are you taking prenatals? Rather than resorting to an enema everyday until your baby is born I'd try and address the underlying issue first. Why are you not having bowel movements...
Looks like it's a "dummy" account for admin support... Wikipedia on Drupal http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drupal
Made a double batch of spaghetti sauce on Friday in the crock pot...let it meld Sat and heated it back up today...canned what we didn't eat for dinner. There are also 2 dozen italian meatballs in the freezer now. I LOVE the fall and storing away food for the winter... Would quick bread (banana, pumpkin, zuchinni, carrot, apple) be better if I froze it before or after it was cooked?
Apparently, I double-posted...So Congratulations again!
Congratulations! Thank you for normalizing pregnancy and multiple homebirth as well. You've touched more women than you likely realize just by being so open and yourself about your journey - thank you for sharing this journey with us. Welcome to the world Baby Coy! Welcome to the world Baby Max! Welcome to the world Baby Lilly! Enjoy your babymoon and sleep whenever/however you can!
Healing Vibes being sent to you dad
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