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Quote: Originally Posted by Arwyn Oh, I use guys for everyone. And dudes, sometimes. (Side note, I had a totally cool hippie-type history prof in college who called everyone "man" - like "hey, man! did you read your book last night?" "you need to study more, man" etc) But what bugs me is using "guys and girls" - it's just not cool, in my opinion. Arwyn: Just wanted to give you a big :
Words only have the power, that we, the user and receiver prescribe to them. For instance, Ina May uses the words "pussy" "vagina" "cunt" and "birth canal" all interchangeably as she talks about women birthing with her. Coming out of her mouth, cunt doesn't sound so bad, does it? But when a man calls a woman that in a bar after she refuses to dance with him, well, it takes on a whole different meaning, bordering on intimidation. If a word bothers you, don't use it. ...
Awwwww, a whole thread about little ol' me?:
Hopefulfaith: 2 years ago - the year I got pregnant w/ds2, we were out in Yellowstone visiting my sil/bil. The sound of the elk bgeling is amazing! The morning that we left there were elk in all the front yards of the houses (Mammoth Hot Springs) just hanging out. There was a young bull with only one antler at one end of the road calling to the herd of females in the yards that were with an older bull. We got some pretty cool pics looking out of the windows. I'm...
I just read Shelbean91's response, and that seems like a really good idea!
I had all my front teeth pulled when I was about 2-2.5. (From the canines forward, top & bottom) My mom will tell you I fell in the bathtub, but apparently it was bottle-rot and she's too embarrassed to admit that. Anyway...I was strapped down on a papoose board. I don't remember the procedure, I don't remember not having my front teeth (at least not until I was older - 4.5-5yo) but I do remember that utter feeling of helplessness, being scared out of my wits, feeling...
Amy: Can I have your Ckn & Dumplings recipe? I want to take a couple of frozen meals w/us on vacation - doing all the prep work here and just defrosting and eating while we're on the road. I feed the freezer; Pesto (except this year the *#@$#$ squirrels and rabbits ate all my basil) Minestrone Meatloaf Shredded Beef BBQ Italian Beef Chili Spaghetti Sauce Meatballs Cabbage Soup Taco Meat (Freeze the spiced ground beef, then just reheat while chopping lettuce for taco...
Placenta Eaters of the World Unite!
I might have to go pretty quickly here...ds2 is starting to stir for his night time gunk, I'll need to join him in bed then. It's been great fun - we'll have to do it again sometime! Good Evening and Good Night!
Oh, I know you aren't trolling, I'm just saying that now you dont even have to go and watch others make fools of themselves in some bizarre mating ritual - you can stay at home and offer some pie to your dh when he gets home.
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