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Quote: Originally Posted by QueenOfThePride Hey Everyone! I'm popular with placentas! Howdy! I'm not popular w/the placentas - I eat them :
Mmmm, sounds like a nice dream...I hope you get back to it. Although -5C this morning? I'm not sure I could do that.
Quote: Originally Posted by nym I miss my DH.. good thing he is coming home tonight Has he been travelling for work? See you don't have to go out trolling for young guys to have sex with, your own guy is coming to you...have a fun reunion!
Quote: Originally Posted by nym I have power! I should use it for bad things! Hmmmmm, using your power for bad things...you don't like squirrels...are YOU responsible for that big truck?:
Hmmm, am I remembering correctly that you used to live off the grid and had to haul your water, living in the same area as your in-laws? Or am I smoking something?
Quote: Originally Posted by nym You know, Im really enjoying nattering away with you. I've noticed you before.. but now.. well Im feeling a little soft and fuzzy in your direction. You have even drowned out the other me's! Awwwwww.:
We don't use shortening either, used to use lard, but I don't like how it gets my fingers all greasy, don't use canola for the same reason as you...so butter for us as well! Definetly need to stop talking about food - so why don't you like squirrels?
Quote: Originally Posted by nym Im thinking... a nice thick pie crust.. a layer of dark chocolate, hardened.. then a silky soft chocolate filling, and then a layer of whip cream on top... mmmm chocolate pie! Don't forget to curl dark chocolate on the top.
So, I have to ask...your pie crust, butter, lard, oil?
MMMMMM Lemon pie... Hello, my name is Anguschick1 and I'm addicted to baked goods...both making and consuming...
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