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It depends.  RRLtea helps calm my BH contractions, but for some people can make them more frequent.  The only way to know how it'll effect you is to try it.
Thanks for posting!  I also got 2 free credits when I signed up so all of them were free! :)  I have the hypnobirthing book & CD, but never loved her voice.  Love the accent on the first gal (haven't listened to the second yet). 
Be careful with the Seven Slings.  From what I understand, the fabric is really thin and may not be thick enough to be safe for a heavier baby or frequent washings.  Just check your sling very often for wear & tear!   I have a Wrapsody stretch for Newbie, as well as a few ring slings, a WrapStar MT and another mama made MT, and a couple podegis.  I don't particularly like anything that ties around my waist, so I don't have any SSCs (I tie MTs tibetan). 
I'll be having a VBAC.  I've had three sucessful vaginal births, but my second twin wasn't decending and was having some heafty heart decels so we ended up with the emergency C.  I have no doubt that I'll VBAC this baby.    I'll unfortunately be having the babe in a hospital since my insurance does not cover any midwives.  I'm feeling a touch disappointed right now.  I'm on the search for a new hospital since the one I started out with, I found out has a 40% primary...
From here:   Quote:   Sounds like we are nourishing our bodies.  And if it comes with a hope of a shortened/easier labor, what's the harm?
Quote:   My 2 hour labor was intense, but also completely managable.  I think since I had PTL, I went straight into transition, but it wasn't terrible like transition in my first two births.  My first two labors were both around 12 hours long. 
From what I understand, it's common for BH contx to be more frequent/stronger during a second pregnancy. 
My supply is pretty much gone now.  But my goal was 2 years and we made it, so I'm not complaining.  They're not asking for it much anymore (we were only nursing at bedtime anyway), so weaning has been easier than I imagined.  I didn't get sore until my milk started tapering off and they were close to stopping.  Until then, my breasts didn't feel any different. 
I don't like it straight iced, but mixed it with my usual peach tea and like it this way.  I made the equivilant of 2 cups and mixed it into a 2 quart pitcher (how much I drink/day).     I can't remember what the bagged tea tastes like, but I hear that the loose leaf tastes better.  I've been thinking about adding some nettle to up my vitamin & iron content--anyone know how that tastes?
I drank RRL alot during my twin pregnancy since it helped calm my PTL.  I had a 2 hour labor with my first twin.  I drank straight RRL (loose-leaf, 1 T steeped 10 minutes)--I started early on and 3 or 4 cups from 30 weeks on.
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