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Before you do other stuff... there are two simple things to try-- have her get more sleep at night, even if it's 30 extra minutes, and cut out all sugar.  I have ADHD and dyslexic tendencies (how it's diagnosed in my area).  If I am short on sleep or eat any sugar (even ketchup) my "tendencies" crank up and make any kind of learning hard.  It was tough on me, but I made it through school (even grad school for a couple of degrees).  I've learned how to compensate, but the...
I second map my run... It's been very accurate when I've been able to compare it to my car's odometer, so I tend to trust it when on a trail, etc.  It's measured the runs to within a tenth of a mile that my car's odometer measures on distances of 4 miles.... so pretty accurate, I'd say. 
I agree with pps.  Your job is to protect your children.  If your mother doesn't respect your requests, then don't let your girls sleep over.  End of story.  Just be honest and calm about it... don't get drawn into an argument about it. 
We usually add the "Your presence is present enough" statement on our "celebrate by hanging out with us" birthday parties.  Some will bring gifts, but that is their choice, we certainly don't expect it.
How often do you get out of the house and do playdates or go to the playground with your son? When DD1 was that age, we HAD to do alot of playdates.  She was interested in playing with friends, not alone.  If we did a playdate every other day or so (and did story time at the library) and other activities with others, she was much happier.  We ended up enrolling her in preschool a few mornings a week to meet her social needs.
There is a series of DVD's about Rexercises and one of them is for women and bladder/uterus issues.  I don't remeber anything about them other than Rexercises.  I have the DVD somewhere, but I memorized the 20 minutes of stretching and don't watch the DVD anymore.  I'll see if I can find it in the next day or two and post the title.  It's great.  I feel much better.  I also did the 30 Day Shred (modified for me) and lost about 10 lbs on it.
Wow!  It sounds like there are so many victories out there this week. I'm going to add my 1 lbs loss this week to the victories.  I'm one lb away from a mini-goal.... I think when I hit it I will buy myself a new workout DVD as a treat.  Which one?  I love Jillian Michaels, and have the 30DS, and Ripped in 30 is on it's way to me.  What about other workout people?   I also finished the Couch to 5K this week!  I am so proud of myself!  I can run 3 miles without...
All I have to say is.....       Week 9 Day 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       ~maddymama
Hi LtLers, Here we are in April!  I hope we have a great month full of lots of weight loss.....   I was sooo proud of myself today.  Last night DD1 woke up with a stomach bug, and was up for a few hours in the middle of the night.  Once she was back asleep, DD2 was up and fussy for no discernible reason.  DD1 was home from school sick today, I was grumpy and exhausted..... and I still was able to get in a workout today.... Yippee!  I did Level 3 of the 30 Day...
Hi LtLers, I was stuck at my last number for 3 weeks, but recently dropped 4 lbs this week.  I did it by upping my cardio by a few (no more than 5) minutes a day and by REALLY paying attention to my portion control and snackies.  I realized that I had allowed my portions to creep up again, and was allowing a snackie here and a bite there.... it all added up.   I don't expect any big drop again next week, but maybe back down to 1-2 lbs.    I think I'm going to...
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