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We've gone beyond "offering" to the real phone call about a week ago.  DD1 cried and then has been amazingly well behaved for a week. ~maddymama
DD1 considers Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory as her close and personal friend.  We netflixed the first few seasons on DVD and I used them to bribe her to not get into trouble when I was nursing DD2 when she was a newbie. ~maddymama
DD1 just turned 4 last summer and did a Zoo Tales camp for 3 mornings at our local zoo.  It was WONDERFUL... she got to feed a giraffe, pet an alligator (or a crocodile- I couldn't figure out which), she got to help clean one animal's cage.  She LOVED it and we can't wait to sign her up again this summer. If you kid likes or loves animals I say go for it.  What a neat opportunity. ~maddymama
You've gotten great advice from pp.  I'd think about making chilis and stews in the crockpot for dinners.... or a bean pot (like a Cuban bean pot.... it's basically black beans, served over rice, with hot sauce and cilantro- yummy).... just throw dinner in the crock pot in the am, feeds a ton of people, and can be fairly economical, too, if you cook grains, beans, and cheap cuts of meat.  Good luck, ~maddymama
Does the 4 year old have any known food sensitivities/intolerances/allergies?  Is he nursing alot because it's what he can handle? Are you replacing nursing sessions with other positive interactions?  Does he want to nurse to connect with you? Good luck! ~maddymama
Hi Mama, Both of my DDs had gained up to 18-ish lbs by 6 months and then completely stopped gaining.  DD1 still weighed 18 lbs at 18 months, and then started gaining again.  DD1 is 16 months old and is only 18 1/2 lbs.  Both kids stopped gaining weight once they started sitting, crawling, walking, running, and climbing.  All of their excess calories went towards movement.  Is your LO hitting developmental milestones in a somewhat timely manner?  If he is, then I...
Hi Mama, This sounds slightly frustrating to you. How old for adjusted age are your twins?  This could be "normal" for their normal age, but I agree with pp that it sounds like a growth spurt. Both of my DDs would sleep extra during a growth spurt for two or three days and then be WIDE AWAKE for much longer periods of time (usually at 3:00 am) for a few days after that.  I agee with pp, though, keep an eye on the diaper output. Good luck, ~maddymama
Hi Mama, How frustrating for you and your son!  I'm so glad that you have breastmilk to help him through these rough patches.  It might be that your milk is slower to let down, but it might also be an ear infection or something like that.  When DD1 would fuss at the breast, it meant she had an ear infection.  Have you seen a pediatrician to rule out anything medical?  Have you taken antibiotics recently?  Could it be thrush?  Have you tried any new foods recently? ...
Hi mama, Not much help here other than we did a routine for DD1 for naptime, but also included playing soft classical calming music in the background.  This really helped her nap for some reason- maybing blocking out other stimuli?  Also, I did  have to go through periods of lying down with her to get her to relax, followed with a month of her napping well on her own, then a month of me helping her again. Good luck! ~maddymama
_ktg_ Thanks for yor information... it's  very helpful. I was browsing on the web today, and I found transparent thermal window films and they look perfect... so you can still see the sunlight, but get to block the drafts and the heat in the summer. Anyone use these in your house?  ~maddymama
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