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Thanks for the ideas and info, Mamas. I've made up a short list and will get some goodies from the food store in the morning. ~maddymama
Hi Mamas, My 21 month olf DD has a *lovely* virus that is going around. She had mild diarrhea with episodes of severe for the past 8 days. She's also vomited a few times, but not regularly. Last night it got much worse, with bad diarrhea and super stinky vomit. Went to the dr. this am. He said she should follow the BRAT diet for a few more days until all of the test results come back in. We've been following the BRAT diet for 7 days, plus have included organic whole...
I vote a MT. We LOVE LOVE LOVE our Kozy.
we haven't had to deal with this, but my sister did with her child. One thing that helped them, other than time, was to up the fiber in his diet a bit. They also didn't negatively react, and then positively rewarded him when he finished his bit. Sounds like an ordeal for you guys, good luck, and I hope other mamas post some great advice for you!
poor granolalight... I'm kinda right there with you. But in a slightly better state. We've all had this crud on and off for a week, too. DD was doing great, but it seems that we stopped the BRAT diet tooo fast for her, and are now suffering the consequences. AND she's teething. YIKES! Anyway, mama. Hopefully it will get better soon! I has tooo.......
I was thinking there are a few MTs and SSCs made out of solarweave/solarveil (I don't remember which) that might work for you. I *think* Sachi has a solarweave MT and I think Connecta will be making solarwhatever SSC closer to summer. Here is a link for the Sachi MT: http://www.mycomfykid.com/water.htm Good luck! ~maddymama
Quote: Originally Posted by Dmitrizmom :coffee Remind me to never schedule both of my classes to have an exam on the same day again. The exams aren't until next Wednesday, but I wanted to get the study guides out for classes today... Either that, or to work farther ahead next time. I'm using spring break as a chance to work ahead and do some major prep for the rest of the semester. I really don't like late nights (I normally go to bed by 9:30 or...
bumping.... anyone? ~maddymama
Hi Mamas, Are these useful/a good idea? http://www.earcheck.com/ I was hoping to hear from a mama who has one or from a physician who could tell us if this or another brand is worthwhile. DD (20 months old) has had a few ear infections, and doesn't have any of the ususal warning signs when she gets one. Mamas, please don't slam me- we've had a family history of bad ear infections leading to ruptured eardrums/hearing loss. I don't want DD to go through the same...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dmitrizmom So my supervisor is going to be sitting in on my classes sometime in the next week or two... If he likes my presentation/style, I have a shot at continuing this summer/next fall. If not... eek. good luck! I hope it goes well!
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