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I know that the coconut milk that comes in a carton as a beverage is different from the one that comes in a can, but what is the difference? Is the carton less concentrated than the can? And if so, can I make my own beverage by mixing/blending canned coconut milk with water? Lastly, I googled how to make my own coconut milk and all the instructions seem to be making the equivalent of the canned version. How does one make their own beverage? Thanks in advance for any...
My husband wants to switch to real oats but we still have a huge package of quick oats that he doesn't want to waste. Can I grind the quick oats into oat flour, and if so, how can I use oat flour? Can I use it interchangeably with all-purpose or whole wheat flour? I have a food processor and a Magic Bullet. I think I have a coffee grinder somewhere but I've never used it.
Thank you! Would those times work for fresh or frozen? And no olive oil at all? I also just thought about adding quartered potatoes, would that work too?
I'm a vegetarian but my husband and kids eat meat, mostly chicken. Their favoeite way I make it is breasts baked with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and parsley. I use frozen breasts and bake at 375 for 25-30 min on each side. Can I translate this to do in a crockpot? I was thinking maybe it would need chicken broth for additional liquid? I'm clueless about meat so have no idea if it would even work, and what time/temp it would need. Thanks in advance for any replies!
I want to thank you both for your replies and also provide an update. Nursing to sleep had been stopping working; he would nurse and seem relaxed but then unlatch and nothing would settle him down again. So it seemed like a good time to cut out nursing at bedtime altogether. Several nights ago after he nursed and wouldn't settle, we battled for a LONG time before I finally asked my husband to give it a try because I was so frustrated. We went back and forth a few times...
I'm 20 weeks pregnant with #3 and tandem nursing my two boys (almost 5 and 2.5). Before I got pregnant, I nursed them both quite frequently including nursing to sleep and cosleeping/nightnursing both of them. Shortly after I got pregnant, we nightweaned DS1 (I nurse him to sleep in his room then DH sleeps with him when we go to bed) and I reduced both of their nursing frequency to morning, bedtime, before/after naps if they nap that day, and I still cosleep/nightnurse...
I love this video for Front Wrap Cross Carry with a woven wrap with a newborn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwwgMqZip-s&feature=youtube_gdata_player If your baby falls asleep, you can spread one or both of the crosses to offer head support (making sure baby's face isn't covered); you may just need to feed some slack around to back and re-tie after spreading. And this is a great video for how to use a stretchy wrap with a newborn: ...
Thanks for the continued replies, very informative.  I'm bummed to hear that olive oil isn't good for cooking, because I cook with it all.the.time.  A splash added to the cooking water for rice/pasta, for roasted veggies (which I make frequently), for baking chicken, for sauteeing veggies/beans to mix with pasta.... several times a week for sure.  I'm thinking of trying avocado oil; I didn't see any at Wegmans today but maybe I'll check out Amazon.  Thanks again!
Thanks for the replies, this is great to know!  My husband tends to make a yucky face when I make stuff with whole wheat flour, so I'll have to try the white whole wheat (and maybe not even tell him LOL).  Can white whole wheat be used in place of AP flour in baking or is the difference noticeable?
I know mainstream sources would say EVOO for sure, but I'm sold on butter being good for you too.  Canola oil is highly processed right?  And I know coconut oil is good but some things won't work with the flavor and also it's pretty expensive.  So, what do you consider the healthiest fat for cooking/baking?  TIA for any replies!
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