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I think I would just call someone and make an appointment for a "regular checkup" and then bring up the issue when you actually get in to see the doctor.
I would highly recommend going ahead with the vitamin K injection if you are going to circumcise. You are going to be causing a bleeding wound, which can be fatal if there is a hemorrhage (which doesn't take much in a newborn - like teaspoons of blood). Since we know that newborns have a low level of vitamin K, which is necessary for manufacturing clotting factors, it makes sense to me that if you KNOW the baby is going to bleed, you better be sure his body can stop...
Actually, what you eat doesn't really affect your breastmilk (except in unusual circumstances like starvation or a B12 deficiency). The composition of your milk is determined by the cells that produce the milk and is largely independent of what you eat.
I would request a referral to a women's health physical therapist to evaluate. There is plenty that can be done during pregnancy to strengthen your pelvic floor.
shanna-cat, you may have a rectocele or cystocele.
Maybe not so much for really young kids, but The Magic of Reality by Richard Dawkins is good.
Definitely look into tongue tie more. "Short" tongues are usually a result of a posterior tongue tie, which is more difficult to detect. The vast majority of lactation professionals, peds, etc are uneducated when it comes to tongue ties. Check out the group Tongue Tie Babies Support on facebook for a ton of helpful information about ties, how to find a practitioner who knows how to help, how to identify ties, etc.
Unfortunately, that scenario is all too common. I would highly suggest seeing someone on the recommended provider list on the facebook group. That is exactly why the list came into existence, because so many providers are uneducated. Also, there are aftercare stretches you need to be doing to prevent reattachment.
Have you looked into leaky gut or yeast overgrowth?
There is a great facebook group for tongue tied babies you might find helpful: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tonguetiebabies/The group files contain a list of recommended providers for revising tongue ties. It can (and many times is) a lot more involved than a little "snip" because many babies have a posterior tongue tie as well as an anterior tongue tie and need deeper revision in order to relieve the problem. You might also want to check for an upper lip tie.Tongue...
New Posts  All Forums: