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A measurement within 2cm of the expected height is considered within normal range. Your fundal height is still NORMAL. Fundal height can affected by many things...how much fluid, position of the baby. You should be aware that ultrasound estimates of age and size are not very accurate at this gestation and later, so really think about if you are willing to take the risks of interventions based on a test that has a high margin of error.
Just as an fyi, many seats can be used far longer than 2 years rear facing and 2 years is now the MINIMUM recommended by the AAP. The longer you can rear-face, the better. You'll want to look at the weight limits of the seat you choose to determine when you would need to turn it forward-facing.
I'm sorry this happened to your daughter. Probiotics should be okay (like l. ruteri) but I would not give a baby fermented foods and coconut kefir at 6 weeks old. Maybe that's not what you meant, but I just wanted to mention it in case. Breastmilk only is the best thing you can do to heal her gut. Anything else is likely to damage her gut lining at this age.
A large baby doesn't increase risk factors for vbac birth and ultrasound estimates are not considered a reason for elective cesarean our induction even by ACOG. Even if your baby is as big as the ultrasound says it is there is no reason to think you will have any problem birthing.
Best wishes for a healthy and fast birth!
Best wishes for a healthy and fast birth!
IME, soooo many IBCLC and peds don't know how to check for a tongue tie. This video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5opSbXvL7yQ has a good demo about how you can check for yourself. When you press under the tongue on either side, it should not pop up like that and if you can feel a "piano wire" feeling frenulum under the tongue, you have an anterior tie. If you feel that there is something going on, there is a good fb group called Tongue Tie Babies Support that has a good...
Is that a photo of this baby as your profile pic? Has this baby been checked for tongue tie, especially posterior tongue tie? The symptoms of that can mimic or be associated with reflux.
I'm sure it's the deposit on the entire fee. She will only take a certain number of clients per month and the deposit secures your spot in her schedule.
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