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http://www.timwise.org/2011/05/killing-one-monster-unleashing-another-reflections-on-revenge-and-revelry/    Killing One Monster, Unleashing Another: Reflections on Revenge and Revelry    A snippet:        
Well, just for kicks I (for the first time) checked out the FBI Most Wanted List the other day. Sure enough, there's Bin Laden w/ a big red "deceased" across his picture and a blurb about why we want(ed) him.   Know what's NOT there? Anything about 9/11.    Why would that be?   Wouldnt' that be first thing? I mean, no offense, but "killed 3,000 innocents in WTC bombing" seems a LOT more evil and compelling than "killed 300 in USS Cole attack" (to...
    See, for me, based on........dudes in jump out gear just stormed in....is it realistic to expect him to have surrendered? Were they identifying themselves? You're in a home invasion situation--how likely are you to put your hands calmly up and surrender yourself. I mean, did he even know it was the USA? That just seems ridiculous.   I've been in a home when the DEA busted in w/ automatic weapons and vests and masks. That shit is insane. Everyone's screaming all at...
Oh, believe me, I defend their right to celebrate, burn a flag, you name it.   And after 9/11 when those men were famously celebrating at Lafayette Park (or wherever it was) and people were outraged saying they should be arrested and deported, I defended their right to celebrate as the MOST American thing that could happen.   But what was said at that time was "You do not celebrate death."   Not "death of innocents" not "they were celebrating al Qaeda's...
  You might want to scan the news and opinion pieces.....it's been *kind of* a controversy. As I said previously, this seems to fall into a new gray area of social mores. To be met with such indignation about, "you can't even see the difference in these celebrations??" is just....wow.  No. I can't. And it seems a LOT of other people can't either. To ME it is the same kind of social "given" as many other things....you just don't celebrate death. Just. don't.   And I will...
no, mama.....i know.
And, I guess as an older person, it's a "huge deal" to watch our people behave in ways we have historically condenmed. It seems like moral depravity. To be met with, "Eh...I'm fine with it," is quite shocking.
  Yes. Some sort of introspection and analysis on whether or not we violated the law and how the raid went down and why we thought he was armed....oh wait....no, he wasn't.   I mean, really. Does no one care about OUR part in any of this?  
White House now says bin Laden was unarmed.....and the reactions ain't good.   http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/05/04/us-binladen-legitimacy-idUSTRE74318620110504       
Great posts Hakeber.   I agree, insidevoice.....I kept thinking that tired old refrain of "If we xyz, the terrorists have won," and kept coming back to, "Wow. We've become them. How's that for winning?"   Those videos of celebrating will be looped and looped at whatever training camps these people have and will surely incite more new recruits than we could ever imagine.
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