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Well, if you're not with us, you are against us.  
No, are WE civilized?   And that answer has nothing to do with how we are treated, what is done to us, or how uncivilized anyone else is.   Are WE civilized?   Are WE people who do things fairly and justly and behave with dignity and respect no matter what?    
A "fair chance?" What, exactly, is the alternative? Vigilante killings based on UNfair chances?   Are we civilized people here, or what?    
But he WAS killed. And, to me (and many others) that dictates a certain level of behavior that is decent and civilized--behavior that is not the same as one might respond to capture.   I was personally impacted by Bin Laden's actions. My house shook when the Pentagon was hit. I was 7 mos. pregnant, about to head into DC (Library of Congress) right past the Pentagon. My friends and neighbors were first responders. I, literally, thought I was going to die that day. I left...
So in the VA Tech situation, where taking out the shooter absolutely saved lives, do you feel a celebration of his death--complete w/ waving the school's flag, singing their school fight song and the "Goodbye song," and high-fives--would be appropriate?
I think we, as a people--as a nation, absolutely ought to decide what kind of behavior we expect from ourselves.   Take that kid who shot up Virginia Tech....if crowds of people had gathered around his body at the scene and spit on him, kicked him, pointed and sang "hey hey hey good-bye," and danced on the quad, would we think that was appropriate? Would we not have expected the authorities to step in and say, "Hey, we don't do that." We might understand that people...
I'm not putting words in your mouth. I'm asking a question.   There is no court case here. You think the blood on our hands is somehow justified. I disagree.   I don't think Osama and Bush are equals. But when you're comparing killing innocents to killing innocents, I think it's pretty short sighted to say, "Well, what we did was different."  
You think the Iraqi people who lost families as we "shocked and awed" them for weapons for  mass destruction (that we KNEW did not exist) and then continued to kill them to "free them" feel any differently about GWB or *us* than people here feel about Osama Bin Laden??   Cheering his capture is not the same as cheering his death. He's dead. He may have been a monster, but he was a human being. One of us. He leaves a family behind.   If you can "other" him to the...
At least Bin Laden/Al Queda had the decency to be honest about their motives. Ours was based on lies like Weapons of Mass Destruction and nonsense like, "we're killing you so you can be free."   If he's a monster for killing thousands of innocent people, what does that make us?
Totally agree. Simply can not believe the things I've seen and heard over the last 24 hours.    
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