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iCarly is very funny, imo. Worlds away from Hannah Montana and the other Disney junk. Very clever writing for a "kids' show."   Fetch with Ruff Ruffman is a huge fave around here. Kind of a game show/treasure hunt w/ real kid contestants hosted by an animated dog (Ruff). The kids go on adventures and do tasks that are always very interesting and educational.   What about Electric Company (newly revised and pretty cool--def. better than when we were kids) or Word...
Must say big thanks to the smart mama who recommended the Lego idea! They are working on assembling a Harry Potter Lego set as we speak. Perfect for my food allergic kiddos! I'll just say for me, we've spent the last 2 years rabidly fighting a coal fired power plant for communtiy. This week that meant I headed out of town to speak at a local university for a night and then spoke the next night at another event. Next week will be more meetings and campaigning. I'm more...
No joke. How do you justify the abusive language Jo used w/, "He felt really betrayed?"  Who. cares.  Feel all you want, but my god, do not talk to people like that!   And why (WHY???) did Drew not call out Janelle as the addict she is? Drew's an addiction specialist....did he not see all the signs? The using? The Narcotics Anonymous keychain she had as she was using? Jeez, Drew....way to miss the boat.  
The only thing I would caution against is safety. Mopeds generally can not keep up with the speed of cars or motorcycles, so they can hold up traffic or get into situations where you are getting passed or tailgated. Also, check into whether riding on the shoulder is safe or even legal....and no highways. So consider the route and traffic speed and volume of his commute.   I'd be more inclined to see about getting a motorcycle if you could swing it financially.
Totally agree w/ the pp.....the only coupons I've seen in the paper are for seriously "mainstream" chock-full-o-high fructose corn syrup foods. No thanks.   My grocery stores do not double nor do they accept online coupons. :shrug   We deal with lots of food allergies here, so our grocery list is pretty well set. And we're trying to move toward buying from local farms and/or growing our own.  
Love Vanguard here! I highly recommend them.   5,000 is the max contribution you could make (guessing you are under 50 yrs. old), so don't worry about that. BUT if you make it before April 18 it can be your 2010 contribution. Then you'll have until April of next year to make your 2011 contribution.
Hahahahhaaaaa.....well.....after a couple months of zero nursing, guess who nursed tonight??    
I would ask to see their copies of the correspondence to you.   We run a small construction business and when it gets to the point of sending out invoices w/ collection letters (basically threatening legal action) I always send them via return receipt (so someone has to sign for them at the residence) AND keep a photo copy of each and every letter sent.
Thanks, mamas!   Yes, will do!
Wow...they are done. Two boys who nursed until they were 5.5. Two years of tandem. A grand total of 9 years of nursing. I swear I never thought I'd be done. LOL. It was amazing. And annoying. And beautiful. And painful. And quite simply one of the most terrific things I've ever done.   They do wean on their own.   They do night wean on their own (around 3, was my experience).   And it is all SOOO worth it!   Just needed to mark to ending of this chapter...
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