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They could do this highly touted thing and choose a credit-free existence.  Or does that only apply to incurring debt, not extending it?   P.S. Trying to be silly, not angry or combative.
Quote: This is where I see the disconnect. To say things like "I only pay cash and if I don't have the cash I don't get it," and then say, "When we couldn't pay up front, we had a debt with the hospital." Those two statements contradict each other. Which is not any judgement on people's lifestyle or choices, but it's really confusing to understand what people are really saying--and to know if they understand (or care) that maybe their definitions are not widely...
Quote: Quote:   I'm confused. So what did you do when you couldn't pay up front for the medical care? Did you take on debt with the hospital?    
In the case of a sick child, doesn't the hospital simply provide the service(s) and you then have a debt with them? I know many people who make monthly payments for births, surgeries, etc. to hospitals. I can't imagine the hospital cuts you off at some "credit limit." It costs what it costs and you pay it off when/if you can. Many people work out settlements with hospitals for this very reason, yes?   At no point would I tell the hospital, "Nope. I can't cover that...
It's funny isn't it? When I was 19/20 and living on my own I had to work *really* hard to build my credit. It was NOT easy. We started with a Sears card. What really opened our "credit door" was when I went back to school for my undergrad degree. Every text book had a credit card offer in it, tables were set up around campus with credit card offers, mail came pouring in with offers. For years as a working young person I could barely get anyone to look at me re. credit....
Whoever suggested the Lego bricks in the eggs idea? I LOVE YOU!  Thank you for a great idea! My boys have food allergies, so candies in the eggs is always an issue. We usually do coins, stickers, and Smarties (the one candy they can safely have), but how fun would it be to get a small Lego kit and divide up the bricks? They can spend the morning putting it together. Awesome!   We recycle the same eggs and grass from year to year. I buy beach pails for the baskets and...
Yes, both our parents gave us money for our downpayment. We couldn't have done it without their help.
I agree with tinuviel_k. You gotta pay back the friend and dad.   To me, tithing seems like a luxury you can not afford. I would set the remainder aside for the bankruptcy costs (I have no idea how much that will be) and your emergency fund.
28. Bought at the bottom of the market and ended up selling at the top seven yrs. later. Best financial move to date: Allowed us to move out of a high COL area to a low COL one and buy w/ cash.   Don't rush it.....you'll get there and it will be so worth it!
Quote: And then you might even put some money down on a second home, rent it out, and let someone else pay for it for you!    
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