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I JUST went through an annulment.   Canon Law states that all annulments must be resolved within 18 months (acceptance or denial).  If you are unable to locate her, you tell this to the tribunal (because you must supply a mailing address for her).  If you are able to locate her/contact her, tell her that you are filing for the annulment, and that if she is uninterested to please contact the tribunal office (what my ex-husband did). They only give the opposing party about...
An excommunicated priest is interviewed and praised on a Canadian catholic TV station (use of small c is on purpose)   http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=toAT28ebIvc   More information about Fr Baum, the excommunicated priest, here: http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/on-gregory-baum-msgr-foy-responds-to-recent-catholic-media-fawning-over-dis/  
Long time no chat, ladies! I submitted my annulment paperwork, and am at the waiting stage. I need more patience
*hug* I don't struggle with an eating disorder, but I do struggle with SSA and sex addiction- so I understand what you mean about thinking you've gotten past something, and then finding that small (or even big) changes can trigger things.  And I get the frustration- totally understand it. You are in my prayers.  And it sounds trite, but do offer up your struggles.  I know it's hard to stop in the middle of it all and give it up, and I don't always do it.  But when you do...
  These are totally cute, and customizable! http://www.modestswimwearsolutions.com/
Basically any non-food fast would be limiting or completely taking away something that you use a lot.   The Lenten Facebook fast is quite popular. I have seen people do TV fasts, as well.  Limit TV watching to movies only, with the intent of only watching one and then the TV goes off.   Personally- I am taking on a daily Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet during Lent. Oh, and daily exercise- a combo of spiritual and physical strengthening :-)
Fasting from a traditional Catholic prospective http://www.fisheaters.com/fasting.html
When I read this thread, I immediately offered up a prayer for your trials.
How are you and your DD doing?
It does, thank you
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