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Well... just tell him Merry Christmas, and give him a hug and some eggnog ;-)  
I won't be able to finish Christmas shopping until the 22nd or 23rd, provided I don't go into labor before then.   Right now- My dad has a gift under the tree (the set of screwdrivers and woolen socks he has been asking for).  My BILs gift is sitting at B&N waiting to be picked up (Catholicism for Dummies), I need to buy my mother's gift (a microplaner), and figure out something for my sister (I was going to get a book, but now I don't know).   My mom ordered all...
It is quite exhausting to protest everything  
Midnight Mass Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.   Why are they cancelling the early service?  
1) You are confusing me with moonshoes, in that regard.  I may agree with her opinion, but I don't post about it. 2) A poster asked, I answered as best I could- guessing from which posts she was referring to regarding "Protestant music". 3) Why bothering posting a response when it does nothing to further the conversation? 4) RRM?  
Quote: The Anglican church should have weekday services- like Vespers and such.  Try attending those, and taking DS with you once you see if it is something you enjoy. And your DH may be more willing to attend something that doesn't "interfer" with Sunday worship at your current church.  This will give him  a chance to do some reconn on the church you are interested in.   (Did a quick look, and most of the Dallas Episcopal churches seem to offer Vespers/Evening Prayer at...
So glad it was clear!!  
Most often it is music written by protestant song writers (ie: Carry Your Candle, A Mighty Fortress is Our God, Amazing Grace) or lyrics that have questionable parts or interpretations (Amazing Grace- which implies that we are saved through faith alone, or Mary Did You Know- which implies that Mary had Original Sin and needed to be "saved")  
The baby will be arriving in the next few weeks. The father and I have reached an agreement. Prayers that all goes well.
I think it is beautiful and far better than the old translation.  Far and away a better way to address the Creator of the Universe.   I still think that the Anglican-Use is the best English Mass, though.
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