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  I am taking that as a compliment :-D
We are really enjoying the Jesse Tree!  I made my own ornaments from free clipart off the internet, and then we colored them.  My mom is going to laminate them after Christmas so we can save them for next year.   Here's the link to my FB Advent/Christmas album- you can see pictures of the the first 4 ornaments.   (it would probably help to give the link, eh?) http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.694422924315.2137624.58404283&type=1&l=e7c3d9ba47  
We are Catholic, so we celebrate Advent in preparation for the coming of Our Lord, and then the Christmas season from Christmas Eve until Ephiphany.   We are doing the Advent Adventure from Holy Heroes, a Jesse Tree, the Advent wreath (of course), and DD has a "sacrifice manger".   We celebrate St.Nicholas Day on the 6th (also my birthday!)- I need to get some oranges and candy canes.
What does that even mean?   I LOVE the new translation- and I have yet to hear from anyone I actually KNOW IRL that they dislike it.  I have heard "It will take some getting used to", but nothing like what I have seen posted on this thread or on certain websites.
So this is just a temporary issue?  That's good.  So long as you present it that way, and that he is going to train again, it sounds like things should be ok. I am guessing that keeping everything positive will help him not take it as a personal attack?  I will keep you, and him, in my prayers as you figure this all out.
So excited for the new translation!!!
Are you sure you aren't taking it a bit harsher than he intended?  Our parish priest can sometimes sound far harsher than he actually is- based on just the way he talks, even in ordinary life.  I got grumpy with him until we had him over for dinner, and I realized that was just his every day tone.
  I STILL have this problem with the people behind me and DD- and she's 7!! If I am not all over making sure she is facing forward, I have people completely undermining me.  *sigh* it is very frustrating!   When DD was smaller, I had her sit in my lap, that way I knew she wasn't looking behind at the people behind us.  If she insisted on sitting on the pew, I put my arm around her and used that to keep her facing forward. Several times, though, I have had to turn around...
gooseberry-   Is it possible for your DH to go to a US school and earn his US accounting degree?  He may be able to CLEP (http://clep.collegeboard.org/) many of the classes, and if the college is willing- take exams to test out of actual classes.  This would allow him to earn the US degree cheaper and easier.    
4 Spiritual Tips To Help You Adapt To The New Catholic Mass http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mary-deturris-poust/adapting-to-the-new-mass_b_1033080.html          
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