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http://www.franciscan.edu/News/2011/Serratelli_New_Translation_Closer_to_Scripture/   Liturgy Expert Says New Translation More Closely Aligned to Scripture               
What she said.   Everyone recieves a blessing at the end of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.   Also- Communion is for those Catholics in a state of Grace (ie: have attended Confession and are free of sin) who are receiving.  Those not recieving should not approach and should instead pray from their seats- praying a Spiritual Communion or just a prayer of Thanksgiving.    
The Church was built on Peter.  If Peter deems it appropriate to provide a corrected translation, we are to be obedient and submit.
The Marquette method requires the use of a fertility monitor.  The specific brand they give is the ClearBlue Easy monitor- which runs about $200.  The test sticks are about $20-30 per package.   It is a fantastic version of NFP.  I just wanted to give you the out-of-pocket expenses upfront so you and your hubby would know :-)
*hug* Sorry you are in such a place. I would recommend sticking with NFP and closely following the rules- no playing loosey goosey.  Keep praying with your husband about postponing for now. The Lord will move you when the time is right to bring a new blessing into your family. Have you talked to your doctor about the stress you are feeling?  Is it stress or is it depression?  It's important to know either way, because treatment is different for both.  You can't be...
I made a spinach-artichoke dip casserole for dinner last night, and used diya and floow your heart vegan cheeses in it. It turned out well... and I don't use faux-cheese very often... but I still felt... guilty? I know why I am using faux cheese, but it still bothers me that I am not using "the real stuff".  I really believe that the real stuff is far better for people, so when I use faux stuff, I feel kinda bad.    
I currently use Fleishman's unsalted- it's completely dairy-free.  It seems to work pretty well in place of butter (but not in buttercream icing- that was a total fail)
DD is allergic to casein- the protein in milk, so no milk products of any type, raw or otherwise. If it was only an intolerance, I would try raw milk.   I am just wondering how one goes about eating TF when one is dairy-free. Most of the recipies I have found rely on butter and whole milk. I can always use dairy-free "butter" and coconut milk- but then won't we lose some of the reason for going TF?  
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